Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fragments:Thanks to the SugarMommas, doctors and babies!

I've see a few friends doing Friday fragments and thought I would link up today. Wanna play along? Click that button!

I received a email the yesterday with the subject line saying CHALLENGE 1... first thing i thought was about Supah's Island and what was wrong...the challenge had been won by MommyBrain and Chitown Momma, why am I getting this email.
Well to my surprise it was MommyBrain telling me Chitown Momma didn't have a blog and MommyBrain had just gotten a makeover and she wanted to know if I would like the blog makeover she won from who donated (thank you) to our Island game.
Ummmm....YES! She said Supah needed to know right away so I as soon as I was stopped at a red light I messaged her back real quick before I lost the wonderful gift she was giving me. 

Thank you to the SugarMommas!!! 
I've been wanting this for a long time but am to cheap frugal to buy one!
I have already talked to Jessica and should have new makeover in March!!!

Yesterday I went to the doc...I have to go back to get the MRI cause my ins. company said so and apparently they are the boss of me.
He did diagnose me with Ankylosing Spondylitis. (a form of arthritis)
 definiton of AS...

Ankylosing spondylitis, commonly referred to as arthritis of the spine, is a chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease which belongs to the group of conditions known as spondyloarthopathies. Ankylosing spondylitis can cause the spine to become rigid or fused, making it impossible to move the neck and spine.

Lovely huh? I also have fibromyalgia. I had my pity party on the way home and now I'm ready to start treatment and feel better! 

On to happier news! Wednesday we get to find out what were getting!! My first g-baby!! I am so excited...then Nikki and I are going to Little Rock shopping. Just wish Kelly was here to go with us.

So play along and link up!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What I meant to say and MY "BUFF"ON. Smushed into one blog because I'm LAZY tonight!

It's my first time to link up with Chief and play What I meant to say...
Sooo you go click that button up there and play along too!

 I went to clean my first house of the week and she had new laminate floors that came with a new mop that kept flipping over every time I pushed it and drove me batty!
She ask "Did you like the new mop,I figured you would love it!"
I said " It's ok...I guess I'm old fashioned I do like the old ones nest."

What I meant to say ..... I hate that stupid mop! With every push it would flip over and a mop job that should have lasted 5 minutes lasted way longer...please throw that piece of crap away!

Lunch dates

While at the same house as above and having another one right after it I got 2 phone calls asking if I would like to go have a restaurant... in stead of eating the bologna sandwich I brought to eat on the way to the 2nd house so I wouldn't be late.
I said "I better not it will make me late and I hate that."

What I meant to say was heck ya we can all 3 go together and who cares if I'm late....I own this business!"

No water?

Today I wak in the house of the day and am met with dishes EVERYWHERE! Lady of the house says "There's no water in the kitchen...can you clean backwards and hopefully they can unstop the sink by the time you get in here?"
I said *insert blank stare* *sigh* "ok I guess so."

What I meant to say...."Ummm no sorry, I can clean everything but the kitchen today and still get the full amount."

But I didn't because she is the sweetest person and it was a little more work...ok a lot actually and I hurt all over but what the heck was I to do! 

Last but not least!
and I better get credit for adding this onto Chiefs meme...

MY "BUFF"on!

First let me say I hated it when I heard we were doing this...I use to love learning this stuff but lately...notsomuch.
SO when Supah said "You have to make your own "BUFF"on for this weeks challenge (that would be #2) I said "ok I can do problem...not a big one...*headache*

What I meant to say was.... NOooo! This is Amber's type of thing...I don't wanna. (you know pout like a kid) I'm not good at this. I say I wanna do it myself but it's a lie I want someone else to do it!

But I buckled down and did it myself....and that's why I won't be winning this week either. :)

OK Now I think I'm suppose to represent myself...
It's true I am a Sunday school teacher and I am loving and kind and hate to hurt feelings and all that good stuff...
When I want something I will go for it! I will stomp your toes.... and later ask you to forgive me. :)
My island mates (the HEROES) are like my children (and not because they are all mostly younger than me...shut up!) and when I am pushed where my kids are concerned watch out! 

I don't know why it went to the side...I don't care right now! Idols on! I'll be back to visit!

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Monday!

It is Monday...and that title is full of sarcasm,I'm never excited about Monday.

I'm not linking up to All About MEme Monday because I have never bought anything off tv but there are some great blogs on "Made for TV" so y'all go check them out.

Today is just a rambling blog...which is why I started blogging to begin with. 
It has turned so cold again...that is not good for this pain but the good news is I go to the dr. Thursday for his final diagnosis and hopefully some pain meds ...if for nothing else to help me sleep. I take pics and all I see are dark circles...that is so not cool!
I am also having the dreaded MRI Thursday....

I have really neglected my etsy lately and I have actually been selling things. Although I did sell something the other day that I donated for Jadena nd had to explain why it was still listed and I'll give you 4 free...blah blah blah.
She was really sweet and said she would take some other pins.
Thank God...What I did ...or didn't do was take the item off of the list for sell. I also didn't have any more of that super cool paper to make any more like the ones she ordered!
Oh's all taken care of.
Sunday I wore one of my rolled roses headbands to church and had a lot of compliments on it...that makes me smile.

I have several people who ask where the etsy was and I told them I would be making more but if they wanted certain colors just to let me know and I would do some custom jobbies. Same goes for bloggy friends!

Here's a few pics of the one I wore yesterday...don't look at the dark circles!

They are $6.95 in my etsy but mention you seen this post and you can get one for $5.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

THURSDAY THIRTEEN and some cool links.

1. It's Thursday so you know what that means...right?
I love me some Survivor.

2. I'm also playing Supah's Survivor...yall knew that too...right?
Have you visited the site?
You can just click the HEROES button!

AND...cheer JT on to win because that's who I am...he's a cutie-patootie!

3.A friend of mine and Oka's has jumped the fence to blogger I see....Welcome Brat!! 
I hope you will like it here! I would send folks over to welcome you too BUT it seems like I can't even see your blog!! We have to fix that!

4. My friend Shell had a Just Dance contest...I was #1 to broke to get the game and play along and #2 skeerd!
I also know now I can rent it for $2 so my #1 excuse was blown outta the water!

5. In 13 days we find out if we are getting a boy or a girl!!!
Names so far-
Zoe Grace
Hendrix Scott
Falcon Scott
I like should have heard of some of the others. :I
If you'd like to know you can go here.....> GRANDbaby

6. The prednisone the doc gave me to help him make a diagnosis has wore off....blahhhh....
That stuffs bad for you but it sure helps the pain.

7.  I'm having an MRI on the 25th and that scares me...I am slightly claustrophobic.

8. I'm thinking I'm not gonna make it to 13..... Where do all my thoughts fly away to when I get in front of the computer?

9.  Kelly is off getting a new car....Nikki got a new one a few weeks ago....guess what I want? I love my cars gas mileage but it is so little. I like big vehicles!

10.  Did you know that if you don't go r e a l slow with a vacuum that it won't pick up? Yeah I didn't know that either til this little lady I clean for told me....uh huh....not happening. That thing will pick up good if I go slow or I go super fast like I want to!

11.  It is so so  so much easier to clean when no one is home telling me how to do my job. Don't get me wrong there are some I love visiting the one I had today...but others, not so much.

12. Nikki and I had a late lunch today. We ate at 2pm so I grabbed Chinese takeout for the guys...WALA! 
no cooking! 

13. ok....don't forget to check out Supah's Island and cheer for me!! 
and JT!!!!
In case you missed the link click
There are some cute valentines we had to make for our first challenge and send to Harv Spitenstein...He is our Jeff Probst. (Is that how you spell his name?)
Hoping either mine or one of my island mates win so the HEROES get immunity this week!

Say hi to Brat please and visit the island and Shells dance off is hilariously funny!

Cracker Barrel sent me $25 gift card for the burn incident that happen in December.
I'm just sayin.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pillows..test results and salmon patties AND NEW FOLLOWERS! AKA Ramblings.

I am almost finished with 2 pillow orders....well one is for Kelly but she did order it.

This was is STILL waiting for mw to stuff it.. Can you see what's wrong with it? It's for Nikki's friend and she's a little quirky so I don't think she'll mind.

Still have a ways to go with Kel's but it's getting there. I am not happy with the white background though. Now to figure out what color for the actual pillow...I'm thinking a solid color since the letters are multi-colored.

Dr. called late yesterday evening and said arthritis in hips....:P
He wants to do an MRI on the 25th and said lab results should be back then also.
He says we'll talk about options on arthritis,fibromyalgia and whatever lab results say then. 

I made salmon patties for the first time last night...they were really good. Today I had a salmon patty on a bun with a bit of mayo and some tangy apricot chipolte sauce....OMW! It was so good!
I read several recipes for the patties and used what I liked in all of them to make my own.

Salmon Patties
1 can salmon (I used chicken of the sea)
Green onions-chopped
2 eggs
about a cup of bread crumbs (I smushed up some croutons)
pepper...lots of black pepper.

flake the salmon up and then add all ingreds except corn meal.
make patties and coat both sides in the cornmeal.
fry until golden brown.

We had fried potatoes, beans and coleslaw with it last night but I enjoyed the sandwich best. 
I love fish sandwiches.

Have you tried fish tacos?
Are they good?

I have new followers!
Hi and thanks for following...I promise to get back to you and return the favor soon!!

I remember when I first moved to blogger I was so disappointed in not having friends. Blogger does things different than what I was use to and it has taken some time to build it up but I am so happy you guys follow and read my daily every other day thinkings and such.

If I follow you and I don't have your button on the right then let me know so I can go grab it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

ALL ABOUT MEme MONDAY: Favorite Quotes

I have collected quotes since I was a teenagers so I have lots lots of them that I love but I think I can narrow this down to about...3...or 5.

Click the link and play along!

Permit each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every nite of our lives.
~William Dement~

Think about it...the things we can be and do in our dreams...and we wake up without any harm done.

Love is strange and mysterious....just like jellybeans.

You know it's true, specially with the gourmet kind.

A life watered by the tears of tragedy and suffering....
often becomes the most fertile soil for spiritual growth.

All you have to do is open your heart.

The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed,a refuge in times of trouble.
Psalm 9:9

When I was going thru my divorce with the ex my preacher told me to read Psalms. There are so many verses in Psalms that tells us about the Lord being a refuge and this is my favorite...I suppose you could say it's my life verse because I go to it on a daily basis.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Online Poster Printing has graciously offered one of my readers a FREE 18 X 24 digital photo poster 

The winner of that poster is.....
which was ...

Shell said...

I follow.

So Shell congratulations! and Thank you Online Poster Printing for offering this great deal to one of my readers...and a free one for me also!!

Make sure and visit them for 


Today's Photobaooth Saturday is about Nikki. 
She is my oldest,she'll be 27 in July....27!
She is my quieter child. 
She likes things to stay the same and not upset her world.
She's gonna be an awesome mama in July also.

1st pic- Nikki on her first Easter
2nd pic- Nikki and Kelly with Santa in Reno....not sure why one of them decided to color his beard.
3rd pic- Nikki,Sr. prom
4th pic- A couple years ago at the park

Now make your own collage and then go link up with Supah on Photobooth Satudays.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Heroes LOVE Harv!

In case you haven't noticed I'm playing one of the heroes on Supah's Island!
The wonderfully gracious sponsors are on my sidebar....go on and click on them!!
I'm playing JT, he's probably the youngest player on Survivor and he's from Alabama...a country boy!
I loved him and rooted for him when he won a few seasons ago and thanks to Shell for letting me pick him....she was one ahead of me and picked Cirie.

So today we got our first was to make a valentine card and write a poem to Harv Spitenstein...he's our Jeff is on Survivor.
He's down in the dumps and we have to lift his spirits!
Heroes need immunity so we hope one of our cards wins!!!!

This is the front of mine.

Here's the can't read the poem but that's ok cause I'm suppose to copy it in the blog. The little flap lifts up for a surprise for Harv!

OK Here is my poem...remember I am not a poet!

Instead of being sad
I wish you could be
Just know the HEROES love you
and we hope you love us too!
Unlike the villans...who practice voodoo!

Don't forget to watch Survivor on Thursday night and root for JT!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I wrote this a long time ago (2006) when I first started blogging and it fits in with the topic on THE SKEW this week so I'm sorta kinda in a way almost cheating....

What is your defintion of Romance?

Does it differ than your significant others?

Has it changed over the years?

Write a post, weigh in and join 'the skew"
the most dysfunctional blog show
in the history of ever.

We'll post on Thursday, but you can post your own skew:  ANY TIME.  We know there's a lot of great MEme's to do every day!

Just remember to come link with us whatever day you post it and come to see what object Supah throws at her counterparts THIS WEEK.


All I'm asking is that you tell me-what does love mean to you?- Not in a quote(although I love quotes) but in your own words,in your own heart. How do YOU define love?
Please leave me your definition in my comments! Thanks & Hugs~~Lisa~

Love to me is so many things...
-It's having those butterflies in your stomach.
-It's having your heart beat fast when you know he's on his way
-It's hoping it's him every time the phone rings.
-It's feeling like your living in a fairy tale.

To me Love is all that and more,cause when the "new" wears off(and it will) you realize that this is real life and fairy tales are...fairy tales. You know and accept that those butterflies are gonna come and go,your heart doesn't beat as fast or as often any more and when the phone rings it's not automatically assumed or hoped that it's him.

You just know that when you think about the future,he's in it. You can't see you without him.You realize when he does the little things like changing your brakes,replacing your wipers or fixing that loose step on the porch,he's looking out for you.
Love is communication,trust,loyalty,agreeing to disagree at times,faith in each other and in God.
It's hurting when you see them hurting and crying when they do.
Love is laughing with each other...and sometimes at each other!
 It's knowing that love is hard,it's not something that just keeps happening.
It's a full time job that requires both of you to work at it and give it your all.

Breaking up and letting go is easy...

Staying together and in love isn't.

But it's worth it-

My Love

off to see the doctor....

The rheumatologist had a cancellation today. I was scheduled to see him in May but now I get to go today! I'm praying he can help without large needles..... I'm scared of spiders and needles....
The thought that I might be able to get some pain free sleep soon is awesome!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I got sunshiiiine on a cloudy dayyyy... When it's cold outside I got the month of May...

Yall know what to do by now right?
 Click it and link up!

The phone call you dread and anticipate at the same time.

So Wednesday I went to the dr. and was tested for RA and some other things. They called this afternoon and the test is high for rheumatoid arthritis.
They are setting me up with an appointment with a rheumatologist.
(Not sure about that spelling and don't wanna check.)

So If anyone has any info on this and would like to share it would be appreciated.
My cholesterol is also high so I guess I'll be going on that diet after all.

because every post should have a pic.
i love frogs....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Past and recent blog awards...for me...AWWWwwwwwww

I have gotten some love! I got some from Shell a month or so ago and ...well....I'm just not getting around to it. Sorry...I seem to stay behind.
I think I also got some from someone else and.....I don't remember who it was....My mind is bad and I apologize......if you remember giving me some....let me know and I will acknowledge it and you!
I woke up this morning to some more love from Shell....*big smile*
So Here gores me acknowledging them the best way I know how.
Although if I'm ever blessed with more I would like to share like Shell does,she's too sweet with her awards.

Shell sent this award this morning....I think she is pretty awesome and wish yall would go visit her and enter her giveaway...everyone loves free stuff so GO!

Because Shell is a rebel and does things her way I had to go to someone elses blog to get the instructions on this award...
This award comes with instructions to tell you 5 things I like to do and then pass it along to 5 deserving bloggers.

1. I love to spend time with my girls. Especially when we are just sitting around talking. Many laughs are a guarantee!

2. I love to read...I will read anything. I just finished 2 books that I really didn't care for because I had no other thing to read.

3. I love to eat Mexican food. This is my favorite food ever.

4. I love to work in the yard...I have been hurting lately because of the cold and hate it cause the leaves need raking. 

5. I love to blog and wish I had more time so I could get a good blog in every day.
I'm sending this award to:

Have fun with it and I hope to be forgiven for the loss of memory on the other awards...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Photobooth Saturday: Kelly through the years...

I'm joining Supah with her Photobooth Saturday!
Go check her out...participate and link up.

My booth is titled KELLY: through the years.

Kelly is my hard-headed in your face child...who wears her heart on her sleeve. She will do without to help others but will also tell you what she thinks. Her signature is "Don't mistake my honesty for brutality" Or something close to that. 
Her sister calls her hardcore.
She is one of my heroes.

In the pics were going from baby to toddler to teenager (OMW!) to present day. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Because I have nothing else to say...

I went to the doctor for my yearly today...I hate those. Friday I go for the mammogram, those are not so bad.
 Do you do the yearly mammogram???
If not, WHY NOT?

Nikki went to the doctor today also and 1 month from today we find out what were getting! 
I posted a 4 month baby bump pic on the baby's blog if anyone is interested.

She took 3 vacation days to rest and came out to my house to visit Monday. I was working until noon and she made chicken spaghetti and we was good. 
Then she said "I could use a 30 minute nap."
She didn't know I took this pic...laid up with my Daisy both of them snoozing.
She know better than to trust me when there's a camera around...ain't that right Kelly!

Can you find Daisy? She's playing Waldo.

If you haven't entered for the poster giveaway from Online Poster Printing you should jump over there! It is all free. Wouldn't you like to have the kids...or a wedding,graduation,anniversary...whatever kind of picture turned into an 18 X 24 poster?
You know you would!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


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