Thursday, December 31, 2009

Did You know!

cereal and health chart

I'm participating in the General Mills Cereal Spark!

Did you know General Mills announced a commitment to further reduce sugar in cereals advertised to kids under 12 to single digit grams of sugar per serving. The company has already been reducing sugar in cereals while increasing key nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D, and providing whole grain.

I didn't have a clue and this is something I am interested in because there is so much sugar in the breakfast foods now days.

Did you know that ready-to-eat cereal eaters consume less fat, less cholesterol and more fiber than non-cereal eaters? Cereals also deliver important vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, making cereal a top source of key nutrients in children’s diets.

Other cereal benefits:

  • Ready-to-eat cereals, including presweetened cereals, account for only 5% of sugar in children’s diets.
  • Ready-to-eat cereal is the No. 1 source of whole grains in a child’s diet today.
  • More frequent cereal eaters tend to have healthier body weights and lower Body Mass Index measures.
Studies also demonstrate the benefits of eating breakfast. A 1998 study showed that children who eat breakfast tend to perform better at school. Compared to children who skip breakfast, children who eat breakfast score higher on tests, are less likely to miss class or be tardy, have fewer reported discipline problems, and make fewer trips to the office. 

I know when I'm running late I will grab some cheese and crackers or something fast and it seems I am hungry again in no time but if I take the time to eat a healthy breakfast like or cold that I feel fuller longer. That's a good thing because that way i'm not running into a store and grabbing a candy bar or a bag of chips!

My Blog Spark and General mills have graciously sent me some coupons for a FREE (up to $6) on any one General Mills cereal.
 I want to share with all of my readers so if you would like one of the coupons (I'll have 2 winners) tell me in the comment section what is your favorite General Mills cereal.This is mandatory!

If you would like extra entries here's a way to get them.

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Winners will be drawn January 15

***ALL  the information and free cereal coupons were all provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.***


I am not up on this thingy but I went and put the numbers in and the first 3 numbers it gave me are the winners. I wish I had copied and pasted it on here to show you the numbers but I x'ed out before I thought about it and it wouldn't be fair to go back and redo it just so I could show have to take my word.

The first winner is
#28  Blogger Earl's Daughter said...

I love white cheddar popcorn!!!

Winner #2 is
#8 Blogger bettycd said...FB 2

Winner # 3 is
#14 Blogger Hope said...Blogged about it![at]

I am sending out emails right now to you 3 ladies, make sure and get me your info in the next day or so because I have a deadline with My Blog Spark too!!

I have to have mailing address by Friday midnight to get it turned in to My Blog Spark in time. If i don't have it I will have to choose another winner!!!

Thank you all for participating!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Simple Womans Daybook

September 25, 2009

Outside my window... it is dark, cold and wet. Christmas is over so I am ready for Spring.

I am thinking... I want some cake,cookies and cheese dip...but only because it's the first day of my "I'm eating right from now on!" period.

I am thankful for... my husband.... in so many ways.

From the kitchen... it's all quiet and clean....cause I'm not eating.

I am wearing... green sweats and my old...old..old tyson sweat shirt. Chicken not the boxer.

I am creating... all.

I am praying...for a healthy g-baby that is the size of a lime. Nikki keeps me informed of how big baby G is and that's what she told me today.

I am going... to lie in bed and read soon because there is nothing on tv to watch....AI is coming soon though!

I am reading...Face is the Fire and The Sweet By and By

I am hoping... to find a old farmhouse kitchen!

I am hearing...Fox news...blech!

Around the house...Britt is on the stair climber, Linzy is probably playing PS3 and I'm on the computer...again.

One of my favorite things...sparkling water. It is not easy to find in my town!

A few plans for the rest of the,work,work.

A picture to share...

Shelby (niece) Nikki (daughter) Klaun AKA  Chris (SIL) Kelly (daughter)
Hmmm looks like his arm is smashing my baby G!

I'm out!
Fiber One giveaway ends tomorrow!! Be looking for an email!

Not to late to enter UPrinting giveaway!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I'm playing along with Supah and the gang today...Go check out all the posties!

These giveaways are almost over! Just a few days a girl out!

I messed up! You people have been entering the email has not gotten any responses for some reason. They usually tell me I have comments...what's wrong with it? Someone help! I feel like such a boob!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

...and then it was over.

The presents are unwrapped,paper still needs to go in the trash and the leftovers are almost gone. The tree is still up but I'll take care of that in the next day or so...looks sad to me once the presents are gone.
There is chocolate cake  on the island staring at me.....really really staring hard.... and I should eat some because I need to get serious about getting rid of this extra weight. That means soon...very soon I shall not be eating cake...chocolate cake...yummy moist chocolate cake.

I hate to be stared at......

Kelly left a couple hours ago to head back to KY. I hate...hate... HATE goodbyes. We had a wondeful Christmas and visit. Maybe tomorrow I'll get around to a longer blog but I'll leave you with a few pics and a reminder that I have 2 giveaways...4 winners and they are ending SOON! Go comment so you can get your chance in to win one of the fabulous prizes!!

 Nikki and Kelly


All my chillren
Nikki-Klaun-Kelly and Linzy

 I'm not sure what they were doing but it looks like the 2 on the left were praying while Kelly was singing.

I told them to get out of the pic so we could have one by ourself....they don't mind well.
The quilts were a hit! I was actually nervous they wouldn't like them but they did!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009


I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas!
I hope you can relax and watch and enjoy.
I hope you have no stress and lots of laughs and smiles.

* 2 giveaways on the post before these!
3 winners in one of them!*

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

UPrinting sponorship giveaway! FREE POSTCARDS


I'm excited about this giveaway! I won the 100 postcards at another blog not to long ago and I love them. The quality of these cards is fantastic!

UPrinting is graciously giving one of my readers a pack of 100 Custom 4x6 Postcards printed in full color (both sides!) on 14pt. cardstock!
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Thanks, Uprinting!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Blog Spark Fiber One GIVEAWAY! -CLOSED-

I had the opportunity to review and so a giveaway from My Blog Spark on Fiber One 50 count yogurt. I bought the strawberry and it was delicious! They also provided me with everything you see in the pic up there!! The glass has a lid and the measures on the side,perfect for my chocolate shakes that help me from getting hungry. The food dish is divided into 3 compartments...I think i have used this almost daily. I love it! I got an insulated lunch sack with 2 sporks... well they are kinda like sporks, there's a spoon at one end and a fork at the other. The yogurt is Non-fat, 50 calories & 5 grams of fiber! Sounds pretty healthy to me!

Best-selling author and food expert Lisa Lillien, AKA Hungry Girl, has given her “seal of approval” to the new Fiber Oneyogurt, the only leading nonfat yogurt with 50 calories and 5 grams of fiber (20 percent of the Recommended Daily Value). It is also a good source of calcium and vitamins A and D, making this an all-around great choice for dieters and those watching their weight. Each cup includes the creamy, delicious taste you expect from Yoplait, and you don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying it. Fiber One is available in a variety of flavors including, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla and Key Lime Pie

MBS also gave me the opportunity to have 3 of you win this same package! They will ship out the exact package I received to the 3 lucky winners of this giveaway!
Make sure and go HERE for the $1.00 off coupon for Fiber One 50 Calorie Yogurt.

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Fiber One has provided me with the product, gift pack, information, and giveaway through MyBlogSpark

Sunday, December 20, 2009

CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVING (comment to Shell)

My friend Shell posted on Santa Claus and his generosity. I wanted to comment but I'm still on the bb and can't so I'll blog.
Today afterr church we were sitting at my parents and Nikki said she didn't wanna be like some parents stressing out trying to get their kids all they wanted for Christmas.

She was taking about me.

She said she wanted to get like 3 presents and try to stick with it so she could get something nice and enjoy the holiday while not stressing, and teaching her child about the true meaning of Christmas at the same time.

I so wish I had done that.While growing up
I got mine most everything on their list and let me tell you those girls knew how to make a list.
I hate that they knew how I stressed and still do now because I feel like I cheat them now. I love that instead of being like me they learned from my mistake.
I'm all for the 3 gifts.
I think it teaches kids something.
I think kids don't appreciate things now days because we give them everything.
I think....know my kids make me proud for wanting to change the way I taught them to be at Christmas time.

In my defense I was a single mom for a long time with no help from their dad. I couldn't splurge on them except at Christmas.... But I wish I had done it different.

My net comes back Tuesday!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Posting from the BB

I'm posting from my bb so I hope this turns out right.We were so excited to get broadband thru verizon we used all our time up a week early. We can still get online but they charge like when you go over your minutes on your cell. I think I'll survive... I think. At least we are done with Hughes net. Blah - hated them!
Christmas is 7 days away!!!!

I'm so not ready.
I ordered some gifts from a copany I paid off this past Summer and they were nice to let me know that they closed ny account.

Would have been nice if they had let me know this before I spent hours shopping and ordering and waiting until I only had 7 days to find gifts to replace those! Not even 7 days really.

I have figured one thing out with the bb or at least I think I have. You can comment on blogger blogs IF they don't have word verification. So far I haven't been able to comment on only those with that little annoyance.
I could be wrong and just got lucky on a few.
Ok back to the grind stone, I'm making beanies and scarfs.
Don't leave me!!!!
I shall be back Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. I haven't been getting online very much except for on my bb and can't figure out how to comment on it. Especially with be honest I don't think I have tried with Multiply because I have most of you on FB.

2. I need to post to baby's blog. I have things written on a notebook and need to transfer it to the blog.

3. This time next week Kelly will be on her way home...alone....600 miles....alone.

4. This has been a busy busy 2 weeks and I don't think it will let up until Tuesday next week when I officially go on a vacation!

5. I haven't heard from Nikki today,that is unusual.

6. Please pray we have good weather for kelly to get home....did I mention she was driving alone?
600 miles?

7. I was telling Oka that I was bad this year...I did not do one Christmas card! That is so not like me. I have all kinds of excuses but so do the folks who did get there's out. If you sent me one I owe you 10! I do wish all of you a very Merry CHRISTmas and a Hapy New Year!!

8. 9 days til Christmas and I'm not ready... I always have good intentions of buying and making early, it just doesn't happen.

9. I might have a new house. Maybe 2...I might have bitten off more than I want. Will know more after the Holidays.

10.I think I am off Friday so I will probably not be back til then...I haven't abandoned ship though!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. I have 100's of thoughts and can't think of 10 right now...Hmmm,ok! I am TIRED of hearing about Tiger Woods! Can we have some happy news once in a while and it not center on a "celebrity."

2. Nikki goes to dr. Thursday and unless something changes I get to go!!!!!!!!!!!! They are doing an ultrasound!

3. Kelly is coming home for Christmas! We are praying that the weather stays nice so she can because if it gets bad she won't be able to. She will be driving by herself for the first time....600 miles! Not real excited about that part.

4. I am almost finished with the nieces and nephews gifts... feel like I have been working on them forever!

5. Been working on some small things for brothers and sisters tonight. I would show yall but some of them have access to my blogs.

6. I haven't forgotten about my blog spark giveaway...just been busy. I'll try to post it sometime this week. It's a really good one!

7. The man from Cracker Barrel corporate offices called again today. He wanted to make sure I was doing ok and said if I go to the dr. to make sure and let him know, he said he'll call back in a few weeks and ask for my address again. Am I being greedy for asking for something? I mean I haven't ask them....but heck most folks would have already gotten a lawyer.

8. I keep picking dried glue off my fingers...what? It's a thought!

9. I almost never drink cokes (and by cokes I mean any kind of soda...this is the South) but I drank a lot of them in chin is broke out now! Back to my water.

10. I was just accepted to be in Uprinting's blog sponsorship program! That means more reviews and freebies for you and me!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Branson Trip

Just a quick post about my Branson trip.
We left the church at 6am Friday morning so that means I got up at 4am.That comes so so early...ugh!
Our trip was so much fun except for one thing and I'll get to that. We shopped until we dropped...literally! We only stay Friday then come home Saturday so we had to get a lot done in a little time.
I almost couldn't keep my eyes open in church! (shame on me) I then got to mamas and ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch. I think it all just caught up with me,I could go to bed right now but I have etsy orders to get out!!! That is exciting...usually i have an order here and there but i have had lots of orders the last week and a half!! Looks like my bobbies are a favorite. I need to make more baby button bobbies....(a reminder to me)

The pic is of me, my Aunt Barbara and Summer. It was taken Saturday morning after little sleep. We were ready to get shopping and I was actually ready to get home!

The only bad part of the trip was when we went to Cracker barrel to eat breakfast Friday morning. The waitress was getting our drinks and straws and such and accidentally poured a pot of HOT coffee on my right shoulder that ran down between my breastessess and it BURNED!
OH it was bad...I was speechless and she was crying. I just kept thinking when is it going to stop! about 45 minutes later I ask my aunt if I said a bad word...I didn't!

I got a free meal, a free $25 shirt and a call from corporate. I have red marks but thankfully no blisters. I also have pics but I prefer my tatas not be advertised on here.
Preacher said I went to cracker barrel to get baptized

.Anyway I'm fine and I would be happy if corporate would send me a card to eat free for a lifetime!!

Cracker barrel do you hear for my life! Yes...that would be nice...although I do not live near a cracke barrel to eat there often.

OK I'm out...gotta feel these orders!!

Free shipping at my etsy on bobbies til January!!
See something you want in the wrong color...let me know I can probably make it in your color!


Monday, November 30, 2009


It has been a crazy few days and it's not going to stop any time soon! I have been reading your blogs but haven't commented until tonight because like Shell...I can't figure out how to comment on my blackberry. I know there has to be a way but I haven't found it.
I'm working extra this week so I have money to take to Branson shopping. We leave early early early Friday morning....I hate early.
SO don't forget me please!!
When I come back I'm going to have a really good giveaway thanks to My blog spark. So stay tuned and I'll be back next week.

My dad has to have a catheter in his heart Thursday and mama has a mammogram tomorrow...please say a prayer for them.

...and because a post is not right without a pic....

me,mama and dad

Saturday, November 28, 2009

God gave us Christmas: BOOK REVIEW

This story is about God's gift to us. It is a beautiful way to teach your child about Jesus and it also explains that we celebrate Christmas for God and Jesus and not for Santa...without giving Santa a bad rap.

It has to be one of my favorite versions of the story of Christmas for little ones. I teach 4 and 5 year olds in Sunday school and will be sharing this book with them this year.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

To learn more about this book and how to purchase it click the links!

God gave us Love:BOOK REVIEW

I am saving this book for my 1st grandbaby. It tells how God gave us love in a conversation between Little cub and Grandpa. It explains about being patient,gentle and kind
 even when you don't feel like it. I believe this is the perfect book to read and explain about LOVE to your little one.
I can't wait until my grandbaby gets here and gets old enough for me to read it to him/her.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. 

To learn more about this book and to  purchase it click these links!

Treasured: Knowing God by the things He keeps. BOOK REVIEW

Treasured was a very inspirational book to me. I like how Leigh McLeroy weaves her own story and bible lessons into one.
It's a thoughtful read and it still amazes me that God Treasures me and makes me wonder what kind of treasure box I'm inside.
I highly recommend this book not only for yourself but it would be great as Christmas presents.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

If you like to learn more about this book or purchase it visit-

Friday, November 27, 2009


Outside my window... It is dark...and cold...and my husband is out there with his silly self tinkering on an old truck.

I am thinking... I want to make a skirt out of an old pair of pants. I've been looking at tutorials and it doesn't look THAT hard.

I am thankful for... My family and the wonderful Thanksgiving we had yesterday.

From the kitchen...the lamp is shining and the cake balls in the fridge are whispering my name.

I am wearing... green sweats and white socks with watermelons on them.

I am creating... quilts for my nieces and nephews...and maybe a skirt?

I am praying...for a healthy baby.

I am going... to Branson next Friday with our ladies group for the annual Christmas shopping trip.

I am reading...some book by Charlaine Harris...not the Sookie series and it is kinda boring me..

I am hoping...for a pair of brown boots I bid on and a WII for Christmas.!

I am hearing...the news talk about Tiger Woods being in a wreck..

Around the's quiet....except for Fox news in the background.
One of my favorite things...spending time with my husband :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... church,work and Branson.

A Picture to share...

Once upon a time... 1989
Nikki and Kelly
Little Rock zoo

***The first baby bump pic is on the babys blog!!! She is only 6 weeks and has one already! Go see... BABY BUMP

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


...and I just ate a big Chinese dinner. I am now making chicken and dressing and cake balls. I am suppose to be making peas and sweet potatoes....I'll get there.

Back to these cake bqlls...
I read scanned the recipe and thought oh how easy....NOT.

Don't scan a recipe because you miss important info like....freeze the balls BEFORE dipping them in chocolate. Grrr Look at them. So sad.

They do taste good.
I have a chocolate cake ball mix in the fridge...I'm going to do this one right.

Kinda looks nasty but I swear if I wasn't full of chinese I'd eat it with a spoon...just like that.

By the way...Speaking of eating,I think I gained 5 lbs yesterday while eating a early meal with Britt's parents...tomorrow I go to my parents! I have challenged myself to see how much weight I can lose between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I start ends Christmas Eve.
I need to be held accountable so I'm going to post on here about it....anyone wanna do it with me?

Next weekend is our ladies shopping trip to Branson!! We are having a Christmas kitchen towel exchange. Here's mine...what do ya think? Would you wanna get these?  They haven't been ironed yet so kinda look beyond that. They are made out of flour sacks I bought at the Dollar store.
3 for $3!


Now to go finish my dressing! YUM!


Let me know if any of the 4 of you wanna do the challenge....or need to... like me.