Saturday, January 30, 2010


I was blog hopping this morning and was reading about links I love at We are that Family.

This post touched me and made me I bawled as my memaw use to say. (I always hated the word bawl)
I'm still sniffing as I type. 
I wonder how many times I let the little things get in the spilled paint, and didn't take time to comfort my girls as I rushed to clean it up. I am so lucky to have 2 beautiful girls who are taking care of themselves, are productive citizens and love God.
I know in this day and age their are a lot of parents out their that can't say this and I'm not bragging. I'm just sayin.
I know that God was there even when I was not acknowledging Him...helping me take care of them and molding them to be the young ladies they are today. 

Were not perfect, we say things we regret, If I could go back and do it different.... I would spend more time with them, less time at work,not raise my voice much, and hug them...hug them...and hug them some more.
(although we do a lot of hugging in my family anyway, you can never hug enough.)

*Thank you to Kristen who introduced me to Ann's Holy Experience blog who made me cry and thank God for my kids.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm BACK!!!

It feels so good to have internet again. We switched from Hughes Net...which I dislike very strongly to Verizon broadband..which I love...except we only get 5GB's a month and we fly thru them so fast it is pathetic. I'm thinking of getting another card just so we don't run out but can't justify another $60 a month.

I have been reading blogs on my BB but I can't comment on all of them and then when I would comment on some of the others it would go thru sometimes and sometimes it wouldn't so I ended up just reading. I love my BB but missed my home internet BAD!

Right now we are getting rain and sleet and it is freezing. Linzy went to school long enough to be put back on the bus and brought home less than 2 hours after he left. That's a lot of traveling time because I live way back in the woods. Britt is at work and I hope he gets home before it gets's close. I pray pray PRAY we do not lose power...if we do I guess it will save on the broadband card,looking at the bright side here.

OK I have lots to catch up on so I'm outta giveaway from UPrinting-
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*Online Poster Printing is sending me a poster also for hosting this giveaway. THANK YOU!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

blah blah blah blah blah..…Tuesday thoughts

Our internet resets friday… do you know how long it is going to take for Friday to get here? I have been running my battery on the bb down dead trying to check out everyones dealbreakers. I commented on the ones I coud comment on and … well didn't on the others. There was a couple that I tried to comment on and I don't know if they went thru or not.

I'm debating on if I wanna get another broadband card or not but that would mean another contract. I despise companies that want a new contract every time you wanna do something.

There is nothing on tv tonight. AI tomorrow and it won't be long before Survivor comes on!!! Britt is watching tennis right now.

Yesterday at church wa sad and happy. I had 2 different 5 year old bus riders treat me in totally different ways. One told me "you shut your mouth" excuse me? I cannot stand a smart mouth little kid. I try to think of what his home life is like to make him talk to an adult like that and that nakes ne wanna go whip his mama. I know.... Real christian like huh?

The other 5 year old just looked at me and said ".Miss Lisa, your pretty" awwww he is sweet and comes from the same neighborhood as the other...(Which is not a good hood) what's wrong with this picture. I should probably pay more attention to the first kid....seems he needs it. Not that I wouldn't pay attention to the sweeter one.

I sat with Nikki today for awhile and her bump is getting big!!!I would put a pic on here but don't know how. Anyone know how to add one with the bb?

My Daisy has hurt her little toe and is hopping around on 3 feet. I feel sorry for her, she keeps falling on the kitchen floor.
Ok this is about all I can do on this baby keyboard.Later!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

ALL ABOUT MEme MONDAY: Dealbreakers.

with MommyBrain and SupahMommy


It's that time again! Make sure you drop by SupahMommy or MommyBrains place and link up!!

This week we want you to share with us your own personal experiences with
" dealbreakers."    You don't have to be a 30 Rock Fan to know what DealBreaker is!  

Example:  You know that hot man candy  dude who took of his shirt at the beach when you were 23-  only to reveal a DEALBREAKER kermit the frog tattoo or rampant wolf like back hair?       
* collective gasp with a side of  shudder....

Yah.  Those.

 A.   List of your top 5  relationship dealbreakers. ( friend, family,  in laws, etc) 


B.  Tell us about a time you experienced a DealBreaker.

You remember how this works right?  Think on it.  Write a post.  Come back on Monday and link up !

I'm choosing the top 5 deal breakers with a relationship...although you would never get into the relationship phase with these deal breakers.

#1 When I was single I went out with this guy that I thought was pretty cool...until we were at a stop light and he turned the light inside the truck on and he had the dirtiest ears I have ever seen! Q-tips do not cost that much money people!

#2  Teeth.... I'm sorry but everybody can afford a toothbrush,surely.

#3 Grown man,don't have a car and living with mama while I worked 60+ hours a week with 2 kids and my own place? 
Not interested.

#4 I dated a guy for a couple months before that every time we would go out to eat he would say "What do I want?" 
Well....I don't know!  and his reply would always be "Well isn't that what wives and girlfriends do? Tell you what to eat and where to go all the time?"
Yeah I wanted to tell him where to go.

#5 Drugs.

Go link up and play along!! 

Thursday, January 21, 2010

FRIDAY FIVE- a day early.

(I'm in a group on Multiply that does this meme and although I don't blog on Multiply any more I still like playing I have to get a blog in where I can these days!)

January, according to the website Bizarre & Unique Holidays is National Hobby Month. Hmmmm......I've tried tons of different hobby's over the years. The trick to doing a hobby is actually completing the project! During the winter it's so easy to start something but then as the weather warms these things seem to get tossed aside leaving you with a pile of half started incomplete thingies! So today, in honor of Hobby month answer these 5 questions about your projects.....they can be anything from crafts to home renovations!
  1. Tell me about a project you started a long time ago and haven't finished yet.

    That would be painting my bedroom dresser and chest of drawers. I got one painted and the other is still waiting for me to finish.
  1. Tell about a project you have in the works right now or something you've completed.

    I made 6 bandanna quilts for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. Thats something I completed. I have some name pillows I started the other night that I need to complete if I'm going to get paid for them.
  1. Tell about a project that's on your wish list.

    I want to make a quilt for my bed. Thats another thing I have started but haven't gotten far. It's a lot of hard working piecing those squares together.
  1. Tell about a craft or hobby you enjoyed as a child.

    I don't think I was very crafty as a child...not that I can remember. One of my hobbies has always been reading.
  1. Tell about your favorite hobby/hardware store.

    That would have to be Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They are almost 2 hours away so I don't get to go often but when I do I can stay in there all day.
Thanks for playing! Remember to leave your link so everyone can play along!

Monday, January 18, 2010

All About MEme Monday: PROMPT " Book 'Em." Officer

brought to you by 


Imagine you're being interviewed by Oprah Supah ...

Ummm, yeah, we know you're excited.  
But let's try to keep the crazy to a minimum, 'kay?

You know Oprah Supah asks the tough questions ... 

What are you currently reading?
When do you find the time to read?
Where do you do most of your reading?
How do you choose what you read?
From where do you get most of your books?
What do you do with a book after you've finished reading it?
What are your book (reading) quirks?

I recently finished The Sweet By and By by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck. Great book!
I read whenever and where ever I can. During commercials, sitting in kitchen floor while cooking, but mostly in bed.
I like all kinds of books. Mostly scary and funny with a little romance and civil war era thrown in but I will read anything.
Most all of my books come from If you don't know about this place, visit it! Some others come from publishing companies that i review for.
After I finish my books I will either share with others, list them on or do a giveaway.
Book quirks? Hmmmmm, I don't like to turn down pages. I will use all kinds of things as a bookmark. Some things I have used recently are bobby pins, thread and a clippie. I do own and even make bookmarks....just never use them.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


1. I do not like feet  over the age of 3 years old. They are just icky. My kids still to this day will try to touch me with their feet and I still crack their toes for it.

2. I'm going to be a grandma for the 1st time in July! YAY!!!!!!

3. I LOVE crazy socks! I have every kind of crazy sock. Stripes,circles, name it I have it but I need more...never turn socks down. Right now I'm wearing pink and purple fuzzy ones.

4. I am a christian and I love the Lord with all my heart.

5.I am a Sunday school teacher. I teach 4 and 5 y olds. This is more challenging and scary than a lot of things I've done in my life.

6. My toes are always polished but my nails are never polished.

7. I love lays potato chips with a hersheys bar and lays potato chips with ice cream. YUM!

Now it is your turn! Like Shell I'm tagging all of you!!


*I'm at moms and there is not any pics on her computer...I leave you with a pictureless post. :(

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coupon and Book winners

A quick post to let yall know who won the book The Sweet By and By and the General Mills coupons for free cereal.

The Sweet By and By

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2010-01-16 16:06:07 UTC

#8 Which is:

Lorena said...

I SO want this book! Must have it!!

I am currently reading Lovely bones by Alice sebold.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Lucky Charms, Lucky Charms and Lucky Charms!!!! My ALL TIME favorite!

And I did go to the web site. I clicked on baking and did you see all those different countries GM is involved with? Argentina, China, Germany, UK...Had no idea they produced for them as well!

Debbie said...

#1 I went to the General Mills website and learned that children who eat cereal frequently are less likely to be overweight, and they consume less fat and cholesterol than infrequent cereal eaters.

Debbie: rebbiedeed(at)hotmail(dot)com

Ladies I'll be contacting you for your address!

Thanks to everyone who played along!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm playing Survivor, Supah style and I'm a hero. Only tonight I'm a loser because I'm blogging from my bb and can't put any pics in my post. That means I can't add the great survivor button made by Amber or a super cute pic of JT who won Survivor 2 seasons ago. I was really cheering for him to win and he did and now I get to play him in Supah's survivor game!
So stay tuned for lots of fun things and cheer me on.
Oh and say a little prayer that eating crazy things will not be in any of the challenges!
OK I'm out, maybe I can get online tomorrow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Me summer '09 Probably the closest I've been to my original in a long time.

Me Dec. '09 Pretty much blonded up!
I am so pale in this pic...blah, I was in Branson FREEZING!

For years I have dyed my hair blonde. I know my original color has changed over the years becuse I see my roots and they don't look like they did when i was ...oh, 17. I think I was around 17 when I first started highlighting lightly...then, all the way!
I was born with red hair. Not the fire engine red but strawberry red. I hated my hair growing up. Kids are so cruel when you have red hair and freckles.
When I got older I changed the red hair but the freckles are still here. I have actually grown into them though and they don't take power over my face like they did back in the day. Plus you can't get rid of them so you might as well love them.
Although my memaw told me if I rubbed a wet diaper on them they would go away, I didn't do it! She also said buttermilk would take them off...didn't do that one either! Stuff stinks!
Back to my hair. I have tried to find my root color in the store....not happening. So I thought I would get some auburn lowlights and grow my natural out. NOW I might turn around and blonde it out agaihn in no time but for now I am wanting a change.... SO here are a few pics I could find that show what I'm talking about. It wasn't easy to find them.

1. I like her color, not so much all the auburn being underneath but it looks goos.

2. I love hers!! Only maybe I would go a little heavier on the auburn.I like this cut too.

hair color 3 by plastiquegal.

3. Hers is cute but it is more darker with blonde highlights. Maybe I won't go this heavy.

So leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Should I go more like 1, 2 or 3?

*winners for the coupons and book will be announced tomorrow night or Saturday morning so if you want in you best get in while the gettings good!!

ALSO, Something fun is coming in February!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

T.L. Hines: FACES IN THE FIRE- Thomas Nelson book review

Click pic for more reviews

This is only the second book that has had me from the first sentence.

"The dead man's shoes spoke to Kurt long before he wore them."

I really enjoyed this book although it starts with chapter 34 and ends with chapter 14. The rest of them are in there all mixed up. 

It's a story of four really different people who have one thing in common, a 10 digit number that changes each one of their lives. This number, a catfish symbol and fire are all tied in some  how and I am left wondering about some of it and why. I won't give away any more but I do recommend the book. I read it in 2 days and it was good at keeping my attention.

You can purchase your own copy at Thomas Nelson Publishing.

I received Faces in the Fire by T.L. Hines from Thomas Nelson Publishers, free of charge, for the purpose of reviewing
To learn more about Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Blogger program, please visit the following link: .)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

SLOPPY SECONDS: Memories from back in da day.

This is a repost from way back in 2006 when I first started blogging over at Yahoo 360.


When I was growing up we would have alot of our Birthday parties at the park. They had this big tall rocket there that you would climb up several sections to get to the slide which seemed HUGE when I was little.
 They had the merry go round that I think we have all fallen off of during a party, No matter how fast we got it to going someone would always have to try and push faster and end up with skint knees, palms and sometimes busted heads. 
There was this covered wagon that was the monkey bar thingy. Well all the bars made it look like a covered wagon... This is where my cousin Anita (you met her in a past blog, the one I snuck out with) told me and some other younger cousins that if we ate a watermelon seed we would grow a watermelon in our stomach. Anita was older than us so we thought she knew what she was talking about.
 We always had watermelons at the parties and for years we would clean out all the seeds before we'd dare eat some watermelon.

That memory got me to thinking of all the things that adults (usually) would tell us to see how'd we react.
 Like pepaw telling us we couldn't drink coffee cause it would turn our legs black and on girls it would make hair grow on our chest.
 Pepaw said it so it must be true.

Someone said swallowing gum was bad cause it would stay in your stomach for 7 years, I didn't care, I still swallow my gum.

*update 1-9-10 I don't swallow my gum any more, I don't even chew it any more.*

I think everyone knows that pop rocks and coke will blow up your stomach and kill you.
 Memaw heard that one when pop rocks first came out and took all of our pop rocks away from us, we didn't even have the coke to activate them, didn't matter she said our spit would.

We use to go to the river alot and go fishing or wading in the water, mama wouldn't let us swim she was and is scared of water.
 Well we had to go down the levee to get to the river and she told us we had to be real quiet or the car would tumble down the levee instead of roll down the the tires..... scared the crap out of me! If my brothers said a word I would just know the car was going to start tumbling end over end.

I know when the girls (mine) were small we(me and mama) had them convinced that when you went to a drive thru at the restaurant that a lil man was sent running down the pipe and would ask our order, then he'd run back with his paper to tell the real people in the Macadonalds or wherever what our order was. (yes I know how to spell McDonalds but the girls said macadonalds...I still say that.)
 They believed that for a long time, they'd stare at the lil speaker thing trying to see him in there writing our order down.

When Nikki, Shelby and I went to KY last year we told Shelby that macadonalds put crushed up roaches in their burgers and it was legal because of the protein. ( No other restaurant was doing it ...yet) We told her this because she lived on macadonalds.
 Well we had everyone in on this, we started it in Arkansas and then Kelly started talking about it in KY without us mentioning it. LOL!! This child was devastated cause she couldn't eat at macadonalds any more. On the way home we were starving and could only find macadonalds to eat at so I had to tell her the truth. 
Ruined a good thing, No she's not blonde but she should have been.

So what about you? Did you have any cruel adults or older cousins lying to you about things? Did you believe them or are we just naive here in Arkansas? Don't answer that last question....

Thursday, January 7, 2010


1. It is so cold today. I want to go check the mail but don't want to walk to the mailbox.

2. Yesterday I hurt all over, been like that since it's gotten cold. Friends tell me arthritis.... if this is true Arthur is not my friend and I'm only 43 and this sucks.

3. I got my wii yesterday,I know what people mean when they talk about wii arm now. I kicked butt in boxing but not so good in baseball. Maybe I should wear my glasses so I can see how close those balls are to me.

4. I got new glasses in August and had to pay full price. The Dr. says he'll send me a reminder in Dec to come and get another pair when it's time for my insurance to pay for some. So, I go yesterday to get my "free" pair and they end up costing me $87! Is that what free means these days?

5. OK they would have been free if I had not gotten the no line bifocal. I don't want lines. I don't even want glasses  and I have 20/20 vision! My muscles are tired and don't want to swiutch back and forth so I wear bifocals with 20/20 vision...... bleh!

6. I really need to do a review on Faces in the Fire by T.L. Hines but not today.... maybe tomorrow. Good book even if the chapters were crazy.

7. I'm half way to 13 and I go blank.....

8. I haven't done any crafting, sewing,painting...nothing but reading mostly. Maybe that is why I feel so blah lately. I would like a warmer day where I can go outside and do something...or nothing but breathe fresh air and walk.

9. Don't forget the book giveaway. If you are a reader this is a must read book. I really enjoyed it.

10 Also the cereal coupons giveaway. people this is free cereal and not that yucky kind that starts with a K. Up to $6 off any size General Mills cereal. You can't beat that!

11. I need to get an appointment for my Daisy Monday. The vet wants her on some heart meds and hopefully with that and the fluid pills she will feel better.

12. I really have to get to moving and lose all this junk I have accumulated over the Holidays. I seemed to think that from Thanksgiving until New Years was calorie free eating! Well it wasn't and I can see every where those calories went.

13. It's back to work the cold. Unless the freezing rain happens then I'm staying in and being safe. I hope it doesn't freeze though because that might mena no electricity and it's just no fun when the electric goes out.

Y'all stay warm!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prayers for a fireman

Firefighter David Curlin Injured When Wall Collapses


Monday, January 4, 2010 11:14 PM CST
The cause of a fire in downtown Pine Bluff Sunday was still unknown and an injured firefighter remained in intensive care in a Little Rock hospital Monday.
A Sunday fire destroyed Clements Office Center at 604 S. Main St. and left a Pine Bluff Firefighter in critical condition at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center in Little Rock. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

Pine Bluff Fire and Emergency Services crews were back at Clements Office Center at 604 S. Main St. Monday morning to douse spot fires and to allow the fire marshal to conduct his investigation.

Meanwhile, Lt. David Curlin was listed in critical but stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center where he was transferred from Jefferson Regional Medical Center Sunday.

Curlin was injured when part of a wall fell on him Sunday.

“He made it through the night, and they were supposed to reassess him today,” Lt. Shauwn Howell, fire department spokesman, said Monday morning.
Curlin received multiple injuries including a concussion and severe internal bleeding after one of the walls collapsed while firefighters from throughout the city battled the blaze, which was reported at 4:45 a.m. Sunday, Howell said.

Howell said Curlin, who is in his 14th year as a firefighter, is a lieutenant assigned to Station 3 at 30th Avenue and Ash Street.

“He’s an instructor and has been a deputy fire marshal,” Howell said. “He’s been very involved on the training side and is one of our really good guys.”

Initially, four fire companies and both ladder trucks responded to the fire, but Howell said at various points, personnel from all seven stations, an estimated 25 firefighters, were on the scene of the fire, which was finally extinguished about six hours after the first call.

Howell said volunteer fire departments from Watson Chapel and White Hall assisted in fighting the fire.

No damage estimate was available Monday but Howell described the building and its contents as a total loss.

Currin Nichol Jr., who maintained an office in the building, said it was built by members of his family in 1918, and replaced a house and mule barn that his grandfather, Charles Alexander Nichol, had constructed in the 1800s.

The building formerly housed one of the first Safeway grocery stores in Pine Bluff, Bowen’s Buffeteria restaurant, a store that sold refrigerators, a lawn service and a Western Auto store, among other businesses, Nichol said.

The office supply store moved there after their former location across the street was acquired as part of the business incubator project by the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff in 2006.

“It’s a devastating thing for Main Street, but we will just have to make something positive out of it,” said Joy Blankenship, executive director of Pine Bluff Downtown Development.

Blankenship said she could envision another building, a parking lot or even a mini-park with green space at the site where the building stood.

“Pine Bluff is fortunate in having a good collection of older, viable buildings that other cities don’t have,” she said. “This one of course had a lot of history behind it and it was not only a viable building, it was adding wealth to our community.

“I believe that something good can come from something that right now looks so bad,” Blankenship said.

Monday night, Pine Bluff Fire Chief Dannie C. Smith told the city council that he visited Curlin and his family in the hospital Monday morning and other Pine Bluff firefighters have been rotating spending time with them around the clock.

The fire department will be conducting an “after action review” in the coming days, something officials do when there’s an injury — to try to identify and learn from any mistakes to avoid them in the future, Smith said.

Smith also mentioned the David Curlin Fund has been set up with Simmons First National Bank for anyone wishing to make contributions.

There will be a blood drive in Curlin’s name at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Fire Station One (downtown). North Little Rock and Little Rock fire fighters are also organizing a blood drive, Smith said.

This is a friend of my brothers and I was just wanting to ask prayer for him.