Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Monday!

It is Monday...and that title is full of sarcasm,I'm never excited about Monday.

I'm not linking up to All About MEme Monday because I have never bought anything off tv but there are some great blogs on "Made for TV" so y'all go check them out.

Today is just a rambling blog...which is why I started blogging to begin with. 
It has turned so cold again...that is not good for this pain but the good news is I go to the dr. Thursday for his final diagnosis and hopefully some pain meds ...if for nothing else to help me sleep. I take pics and all I see are dark circles...that is so not cool!
I am also having the dreaded MRI Thursday....

I have really neglected my etsy lately and I have actually been selling things. Although I did sell something the other day that I donated for Jadena nd had to explain why it was still listed and I'll give you 4 free...blah blah blah.
She was really sweet and said she would take some other pins.
Thank God...What I did ...or didn't do was take the item off of the list for sell. I also didn't have any more of that super cool paper to make any more like the ones she ordered!
Oh's all taken care of.
Sunday I wore one of my rolled roses headbands to church and had a lot of compliments on it...that makes me smile.

I have several people who ask where the etsy was and I told them I would be making more but if they wanted certain colors just to let me know and I would do some custom jobbies. Same goes for bloggy friends!

Here's a few pics of the one I wore yesterday...don't look at the dark circles!

They are $6.95 in my etsy but mention you seen this post and you can get one for $5.


Oka said...

Sounds more like a sales pitch than a ramble, but a good one at that. Maybe Supah should do an As Seen Online :D

Shell said...

Ooh, that headband is so CUTE!

carma said...

gorgeous! Headbands freak me out. Always get that pinched feeling on my head, but then I'm extra spastic like that ;-)

I absolutely love the necklace I won in your giveaway with the expression about Love. I wear it a lot :-)

I am glad you will be getting a final diagnosis on Thurs. Then they can get moving on a relief plan that includes sleep!!!

Michelle | Uprinting said...

That's a really nice headband you got there... it almost looks real, only if it was red.

Anonymous said...

I think that is supa cute!
Is it hard plastic or an elastic headband?
Girl I wish I had your creativity and time to make things!

Trac~ said...

Love the headbead - SO CUTE! Hope you feel better soon!

Michelle | Uprinting said...

I happen to never be excited for monday either. It's the worst day for the week for me as work starts over and you have 5 days til your next break.

SupahMommy said...

love that headband!