Monday, November 30, 2009


It has been a crazy few days and it's not going to stop any time soon! I have been reading your blogs but haven't commented until tonight because like Shell...I can't figure out how to comment on my blackberry. I know there has to be a way but I haven't found it.
I'm working extra this week so I have money to take to Branson shopping. We leave early early early Friday morning....I hate early.
SO don't forget me please!!
When I come back I'm going to have a really good giveaway thanks to My blog spark. So stay tuned and I'll be back next week.

My dad has to have a catheter in his heart Thursday and mama has a mammogram tomorrow...please say a prayer for them.

...and because a post is not right without a pic....

me,mama and dad

Saturday, November 28, 2009

God gave us Christmas: BOOK REVIEW

This story is about God's gift to us. It is a beautiful way to teach your child about Jesus and it also explains that we celebrate Christmas for God and Jesus and not for Santa...without giving Santa a bad rap.

It has to be one of my favorite versions of the story of Christmas for little ones. I teach 4 and 5 year olds in Sunday school and will be sharing this book with them this year.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

To learn more about this book and how to purchase it click the links!

God gave us Love:BOOK REVIEW

I am saving this book for my 1st grandbaby. It tells how God gave us love in a conversation between Little cub and Grandpa. It explains about being patient,gentle and kind
 even when you don't feel like it. I believe this is the perfect book to read and explain about LOVE to your little one.
I can't wait until my grandbaby gets here and gets old enough for me to read it to him/her.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group. 

To learn more about this book and to  purchase it click these links!

Treasured: Knowing God by the things He keeps. BOOK REVIEW

Treasured was a very inspirational book to me. I like how Leigh McLeroy weaves her own story and bible lessons into one.
It's a thoughtful read and it still amazes me that God Treasures me and makes me wonder what kind of treasure box I'm inside.
I highly recommend this book not only for yourself but it would be great as Christmas presents.

This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

If you like to learn more about this book or purchase it visit-

Friday, November 27, 2009


Outside my window... It is dark...and cold...and my husband is out there with his silly self tinkering on an old truck.

I am thinking... I want to make a skirt out of an old pair of pants. I've been looking at tutorials and it doesn't look THAT hard.

I am thankful for... My family and the wonderful Thanksgiving we had yesterday.

From the kitchen...the lamp is shining and the cake balls in the fridge are whispering my name.

I am wearing... green sweats and white socks with watermelons on them.

I am creating... quilts for my nieces and nephews...and maybe a skirt?

I am praying...for a healthy baby.

I am going... to Branson next Friday with our ladies group for the annual Christmas shopping trip.

I am reading...some book by Charlaine Harris...not the Sookie series and it is kinda boring me..

I am hoping...for a pair of brown boots I bid on and a WII for Christmas.!

I am hearing...the news talk about Tiger Woods being in a wreck..

Around the's quiet....except for Fox news in the background.
One of my favorite things...spending time with my husband :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... church,work and Branson.

A Picture to share...

Once upon a time... 1989
Nikki and Kelly
Little Rock zoo

***The first baby bump pic is on the babys blog!!! She is only 6 weeks and has one already! Go see... BABY BUMP

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


...and I just ate a big Chinese dinner. I am now making chicken and dressing and cake balls. I am suppose to be making peas and sweet potatoes....I'll get there.

Back to these cake bqlls...
I read scanned the recipe and thought oh how easy....NOT.

Don't scan a recipe because you miss important info like....freeze the balls BEFORE dipping them in chocolate. Grrr Look at them. So sad.

They do taste good.
I have a chocolate cake ball mix in the fridge...I'm going to do this one right.

Kinda looks nasty but I swear if I wasn't full of chinese I'd eat it with a spoon...just like that.

By the way...Speaking of eating,I think I gained 5 lbs yesterday while eating a early meal with Britt's parents...tomorrow I go to my parents! I have challenged myself to see how much weight I can lose between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I start ends Christmas Eve.
I need to be held accountable so I'm going to post on here about it....anyone wanna do it with me?

Next weekend is our ladies shopping trip to Branson!! We are having a Christmas kitchen towel exchange. Here's mine...what do ya think? Would you wanna get these?  They haven't been ironed yet so kinda look beyond that. They are made out of flour sacks I bought at the Dollar store.
3 for $3!


Now to go finish my dressing! YUM!


Let me know if any of the 4 of you wanna do the challenge....or need to... like me.

Monday, November 23, 2009

ALL ABOUT MEme MONDAY: What are you thankful four?

They are the thoughteruppers of this!

Today's MEme is Four things you are thankful for.

1. I'm thankful for my salvation first and foremost.

2. I'm thankful for my husband Britt. I had to wait a while to find him and love him up!

3. I'm thankful for the 3 kids. They will all be here for Christmas this year!!

4. I'm thankful for my new grandbaby that should be here in July. As of right now it is Zoe or Conner...although that might probably will change. It's still early.

I have to add Daisy...I'm thankful for her greedy sleepy hairy self too!

chihuahua porn

Friday, November 20, 2009


Last night I got a text letting me know I was going to have today off. In ways that is good and in some is not. But I made the best of it and actually got my computer,craft,sewing,dining,everything room put to order so I can also make it into a Christmas tree room. I guess it is a multi-purpose room.

I also made a baby loveee while doing that...I am a bad multi taker but I managed to do it today for a minute.
It's a guinea pig lovee, I wanted to make sure I could do it before I actually bought fabric to make one for our new baby. I think it turned out pretty good...might do a few more before July.

I also quilted it. First time for that too. Don't pay any attention to my pepaws pajama pants. 

You can see the quilting a lil better on this side.
I read where if the mom has it close to her that her scent gets on it and the baby will be calmed by that.  

I worked on the holiday sign for Jaden's bonanza auction.

It's not finished yet and I need to get on it cause I have to mail it Monday.
Here's the other side.

The pics are dark...sorry.
I'm thinking about adding some sparkle to it... whatcha think?

I'm in the process of adding pics to my etsy with it being a custom order. You pick the color scheme and what you want it to say for $12.00.

Kelly is wanting one with Live Love Laugh...need to get on that.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. I picked up my treadmill today. It's still in the back of the truck but at least it is at my house.

2. A lady I knew a long time ago (she was my SIL's sister) seen my post on FB and called and said I could have it!

3. Nikki goes back to the dr. on the 10th. I get to go....excited!!

4. They are going to do another ultra sound...I was lucky to get one!

5. I started a blog for the baby,I have notes written to him/her and I will be copying them in the blog.

6. Only one is in there so far but if anyone is interested in reading the blog it is at -

7. On the right hand side it says followers...hint hint.

8. I got to drive the truck today. It likes gas better than my little car. I didn't feel like a weeble in it though.

9. I won 100 cards for my etsy shop from uprinting!!!
They are so cute.

10. I donated for Jaden Duttine's Jingle bell bonanza. I will be making a CUTE holiday sign so be sure and check it out!
Just click here

11. I only work 2...maybe 3 days next week! :)

12. I have 3 secret clinical $2.00 off coupons to give away.
I was sent a free sample and I loved this stuff!!

If more than 3 people say they want them I'll draw names. They expire 12-31-2009

13. The DIY showoff is having a giveaway celebration and she mentioned me on this post...I feel special. You guys go check it out and enter! There are so many great prizes to win!!!
You can click here to go straight to the giveaway


Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I finally got the baby's blog started if anyone is interested it is at

I'm playing along for the first time. If you wanna play go see Supah for details.

click post it for link to site.

The End

Monday, November 16, 2009


With Supah and MommyBrain
Tell us about a time that you pulled off a MISSION that seemed IMPOSSIBLE.
 Tell us about a time that you tapped into your inner SpY self.
 Tell us who you'd like to SPY on  for a day and why!
 Tell us which Spy Hero  you love and why you'd make a good sidekick.
 What would your spy name be?
 James Bond
 Jason Bourne
Matthew McHey Hey   fine  * pout face
The Mission IMpossible Guy:  Ethan Hunt!
 Get Smart Dude AUstin Powers 
You may re-work it however you'd like. :) 
I'm going to tell about the time I played spy and it changed my life-
It was October of 2004,I was here in Arkansas and my husband was working at the Nuclear plant in Florida. I had just left there about 4 weeks earlier and about 2 weeks before this spying I noticed he was acting.... different.  
We USE to talk on the phone a lot.
We USE to talk several times a day.
He USE to call while he was at work
...not so much now.

SO...One night I was sitting at home thinking what the crap and decide dto get online and look up his cell calls.
Ever heard the saying if you look hard enough for something

I found that he had several...ok A LOT of calls going to this one particular number in Miami...he was in Homestead. I sat there and got madder and madder by the minute second.
I call the number and get voicemail...yep it is a lady, a woman, a wench.

I leave a message and was nice about it...really I was.

I kindly said that I noticed her number on my cell bill 32 times and didn't recognize it. Could she please call me back so I could get this straightened out.
She didn't call back, She called Michael in stead.

It just so happen I was on the phone with him and she beeped in. We were not discussing what I had found, I was trying to wait until she called that ever happen. So she beeps in and he says he has to go.... *Grrrrr*

The next morning he calls wanting to know if we had a trust issue.
Needless to say he never came "home" to my house again except months later to get his stuff. He still says he swears nothing happened but the one thing he said to me that I will never forget was when I accused him of sleeping with they wouyld have slept.
His exact comment was " I haven't f...ed her YET.
That told me everything I need to little word.

Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that.

That was one of my spy moments that totally changed my life.


Saturday, November 14, 2009


Outside my window... it is a beautiful day. Leaves are falling and I'm not out raking...yet.

I am thinking... I'm hungry and need to make a hashbrown casserole.

I am thankful for... My 1st grandbaby. Due in July.

From the kitchen...the lamp is shining and all is quiet.

I am wearing... yoga pants and that big tyson sweatshirt again.

I am creating... rolled roses headbands and pins.

I am praying...for a healthy baby

I am going... in the kitchen real soon.

I am reading...The Husband by Dean Koontz.

I am cover buttons come in SOON!

I am hearing...a football game in the lr and the washer.

Around the house...everybody is in separate rooms doing their own thing...and it's in a good way.
One of my favorite things...frogs, I love little frogs. Not so much the real ones although I'm not afraid of them like my mama. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... church tomorrow and work the rest of the week. Trip to Branson coming up soon!!

A Picture to share...

Rolled roses headbands, coming soon to my Etsy.

Don't forget the auction! It is for a great the button and check it out.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


See these two?

They made me a grandbaby!!!

I know it will be adorable and have a blog in the works for it so stay tuned for the link for all interested.

I was not allowed to tell because she is paranoid...always has been. She took 3 test in 3 days and they all said positive but she had to wait til the doc confirmed it before I could post it to the world!! She is 4 weeks and the baby should be here early July.

OK!! I'm happy happy and could talk about it all night but Survivors coming on and I gotta watch them vote Russell off.


Quick Comment

I am linking an old post to DIY show and Tell so click the button and check it out!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keeping my hands busy and my mouth SHUT!

I've been keeping busy... Last night I started this sign.
I still have a lot more to do with it. I need to add some burnt umber (love that stuff) and the back is going to say
Happy THANKS giving.

I already have 2 orders for some similar ones!
If anyone is interested in one I'll post a pic of the finished product HOPEFULLY by Saturday.  To get it by Christmas I need the orders to come in before Dec. 5.
It will be 2 signs in one...sorry can't get them out in time for Thanksgiving. If you want one to say something else let me know.
I think I want one that says Hippity Hoppity EASTER on one side and the other to say Happy Independence Day or Happy 4th of July.

I'm hoping after tomorrow I can open my mouth! I wanna soooo bad!

Have you heard about JAden?  Click on the button down there. My friend Supah is doing this so I'll let her tell his story. He is a sweet precious boy who is going through some serious stuff. Put him in your prayers and go check this bonanza  just might get a GREAT deal and just in time for Christmas!!

Click it!!