Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Branson Trip

Just a quick post about my Branson trip.
We left the church at 6am Friday morning so that means I got up at 4am.That comes so so early...ugh!
Our trip was so much fun except for one thing and I'll get to that. We shopped until we dropped...literally! We only stay Friday then come home Saturday so we had to get a lot done in a little time.
I almost couldn't keep my eyes open in church! (shame on me) I then got to mamas and ate dinner and fell asleep on the couch. I think it all just caught up with me,I could go to bed right now but I have etsy orders to get out!!! That is exciting...usually i have an order here and there but i have had lots of orders the last week and a half!! Looks like my bobbies are a favorite. I need to make more baby button bobbies....(a reminder to me)

The pic is of me, my Aunt Barbara and Summer. It was taken Saturday morning after little sleep. We were ready to get shopping and I was actually ready to get home!

The only bad part of the trip was when we went to Cracker barrel to eat breakfast Friday morning. The waitress was getting our drinks and straws and such and accidentally poured a pot of HOT coffee on my right shoulder that ran down between my breastessess and it BURNED!
OH it was bad...I was speechless and she was crying. I just kept thinking when is it going to stop! about 45 minutes later I ask my aunt if I said a bad word...I didn't!

I got a free meal, a free $25 shirt and a call from corporate. I have red marks but thankfully no blisters. I also have pics but I prefer my tatas not be advertised on here.
Preacher said I went to cracker barrel to get baptized

.Anyway I'm fine and I would be happy if corporate would send me a card to eat free for a lifetime!!

Cracker barrel do you hear for my life! Yes...that would be nice...although I do not live near a cracke barrel to eat there often.

OK I'm out...gotta feel these orders!!

Free shipping at my etsy on bobbies til January!!
See something you want in the wrong color...let me know I can probably make it in your color!



B Lines said...

Oh you poor thing! Ouch! And I bet the waitress feels so bad.

Glad the rest of the trip was good though. I'm envious. I seldom get the chance to go to Branson, and when I do get a chance, I don't have enough money saved up to make it worth the trip. Bah.

Have a good week. And congratulations on your etsy orders!

gayle said...

Wow!! That is so terrible!! Sounds like you had a good trip except for that. Congrats on your orders!!

Rhonda said...

Oh hon, I can't even imagine what that hot coffee must have felt like. I know how much it hurts when I burn my tongue on it, so I know that having it on your "tatas" must have been excruciating. I am sure that the waitress just felt horrible and I know that accidents do happen, but I definitely think that you deserve a free meal for life there. I hope that you are healing well.