Thursday, February 18, 2010

THURSDAY THIRTEEN and some cool links.

1. It's Thursday so you know what that means...right?
I love me some Survivor.

2. I'm also playing Supah's Survivor...yall knew that too...right?
Have you visited the site?
You can just click the HEROES button!

AND...cheer JT on to win because that's who I am...he's a cutie-patootie!

3.A friend of mine and Oka's has jumped the fence to blogger I see....Welcome Brat!! 
I hope you will like it here! I would send folks over to welcome you too BUT it seems like I can't even see your blog!! We have to fix that!

4. My friend Shell had a Just Dance contest...I was #1 to broke to get the game and play along and #2 skeerd!
I also know now I can rent it for $2 so my #1 excuse was blown outta the water!

5. In 13 days we find out if we are getting a boy or a girl!!!
Names so far-
Zoe Grace
Hendrix Scott
Falcon Scott
I like should have heard of some of the others. :I
If you'd like to know you can go here.....> GRANDbaby

6. The prednisone the doc gave me to help him make a diagnosis has wore off....blahhhh....
That stuffs bad for you but it sure helps the pain.

7.  I'm having an MRI on the 25th and that scares me...I am slightly claustrophobic.

8. I'm thinking I'm not gonna make it to 13..... Where do all my thoughts fly away to when I get in front of the computer?

9.  Kelly is off getting a new car....Nikki got a new one a few weeks ago....guess what I want? I love my cars gas mileage but it is so little. I like big vehicles!

10.  Did you know that if you don't go r e a l slow with a vacuum that it won't pick up? Yeah I didn't know that either til this little lady I clean for told me....uh huh....not happening. That thing will pick up good if I go slow or I go super fast like I want to!

11.  It is so so  so much easier to clean when no one is home telling me how to do my job. Don't get me wrong there are some I love visiting the one I had today...but others, not so much.

12. Nikki and I had a late lunch today. We ate at 2pm so I grabbed Chinese takeout for the guys...WALA! 
no cooking! 

13. ok....don't forget to check out Supah's Island and cheer for me!! 
and JT!!!!
In case you missed the link click
There are some cute valentines we had to make for our first challenge and send to Harv Spitenstein...He is our Jeff Probst. (Is that how you spell his name?)
Hoping either mine or one of my island mates win so the HEROES get immunity this week!

Say hi to Brat please and visit the island and Shells dance off is hilariously funny!

Cracker Barrel sent me $25 gift card for the burn incident that happen in December.
I'm just sayin.


Shell said...

I like Zoe. I hope for girls for everyone so that I can live vicariously through the adorable pics.

Your daughter is the cutest preggo! It's a shame you aren't closer. I have bags and bags and bags of maternity clothes just sitting in storage that I never, ever want to use again.

Thanks for the shout-out!


Trac~ said...

That is one "reality" show I've NEVER gotten into (one of the "few") might I add - ha! Good luck though! Glad to know that Cracker Barrell sent you a gift card for the burn. I love Cracker Barrell! :o)

Oka said...

I don't know, a late lunch and Chinese take-out probably would of covered the cost of the game. LOL

I know it's going to be a Zoe. I am positive.

I feel honored to have my name in your blog and yes we need to get Brat's page set up. Stasha followed me, and I think we got her kinks worked out (even though I am still working on mine).

Your car ain't that old...besides if you get some big new thing, you'll never be able to afford Just Dance.

I have to admit, Shell peeked my interest with that game. I think I found it for a decent price too.

gayle said...

Go luck with the MRI..hope you get some answers.

$25 Yea!!

Kmama said...

My dog's name is Zoey, but I think it's super cute for kids too!!

Oh, and Just Dance is on sale at Kmart this week for $29.99.!!

Anonymous said...

I'm late but I am
Love the names she has picked out, can't wait to find out what shes gonna have!
Vacuum's suck no matter
wonders if oka got a new one yet!
I have the new car bug as well...I just got my truck payment caught up I don't need to be trading it in right now. I love my truck but hate that it doesn't have much room for storage in the cab.
Thanks for linking me maybe I will find some amazing friend in time!

Anonymous said...

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