Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I wrote this a long time ago (2006) when I first started blogging and it fits in with the topic on THE SKEW this week so I'm sorta kinda in a way almost cheating....

What is your defintion of Romance?

Does it differ than your significant others?

Has it changed over the years?

Write a post, weigh in and join 'the skew"
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We'll post on Thursday, but you can post your own skew:  ANY TIME.  We know there's a lot of great MEme's to do every day!

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All I'm asking is that you tell me-what does love mean to you?- Not in a quote(although I love quotes) but in your own words,in your own heart. How do YOU define love?
Please leave me your definition in my comments! Thanks & Hugs~~Lisa~

Love to me is so many things...
-It's having those butterflies in your stomach.
-It's having your heart beat fast when you know he's on his way
-It's hoping it's him every time the phone rings.
-It's feeling like your living in a fairy tale.

To me Love is all that and more,cause when the "new" wears off(and it will) you realize that this is real life and fairy tales are...fairy tales. You know and accept that those butterflies are gonna come and go,your heart doesn't beat as fast or as often any more and when the phone rings it's not automatically assumed or hoped that it's him.

You just know that when you think about the future,he's in it. You can't see you without him.You realize when he does the little things like changing your brakes,replacing your wipers or fixing that loose step on the porch,he's looking out for you.
Love is communication,trust,loyalty,agreeing to disagree at times,faith in each other and in God.
It's hurting when you see them hurting and crying when they do.
Love is laughing with each other...and sometimes at each other!
 It's knowing that love is hard,it's not something that just keeps happening.
It's a full time job that requires both of you to work at it and give it your all.

Breaking up and letting go is easy...

Staying together and in love isn't.

But it's worth it-

My Love


Shell said...

Love this post!

I'm cheating, too, and linking up an old post. So, I won't leave my answer here in your comments. ;)

carma said...

yep, breaking up is really the easy way out. Love is knowing there's at least one person in the world who has always "got your back"

Oka said...

Great post and all true.

Now what about romance, LOL

gamommy2two said...

So So So True. Love to freaking hard work! But, it's absolutely worth it.

SupahMommy said...

awww!!! sweet !

I think that when the hearbeats level out and are "steady." That's true love. Steady.


The Princess of Sarcasm said...

So true! Staying in love is sometimes work. But it is so much easier when you have a good mate!! Thanks for participating! Recycling is always okay. I prefer to call it "green blogging" though. ;)

B Lines said...

I think sometimes Love is when you breathe a sigh of relief when you see that person. Like, "Ahhh, I've been waiting for you, and now I'm ok."

Miss. Candy said...

What a great post, I love it!! That is so true, it is the little things that make my heart skip a beat!!

ShellSpann said...

What a sweet post :)

Michelle | UPrinting said...

Love is in all the people around you! Love is everywhere! Nice post, continue to spread the love!

Trac~ said...

Aww... I love this post! :o) P.S. Please check out my blog today - I have nominated you for an award! Big hugs! :o)

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