Friday, October 30, 2009


All right here it is last gasp for the month....I will make this easy on all of you and me this week...I know it's early for a list of wishes but what about "treats" ...I want to know what FIVE treats would you like to find in your trick or treat bag tomorrow night!!! They don't have to be candy put on your witch hat and tell all of us what would make this Halloween one of the best ever! As always leave us a link so we can see your loot...Happy Haunting! Love, Queenie

I'm going all out on my wishes!

2010 Ford Fusion
It is so pretty to me. I really want this...actually I really really want another SUV but I drive too many miles and don't wanna pay for that much gas so I choose the fusion. I like this color too!

Bernina Activa 220
Ahhhh. I wish I wish I wish.....

3.Entrepreneur PR 650 embroidery machine.
  • 6 needle single head with auto-color change
  • Large full color 4.5” x 7” HD touch screen by Sharp Corporation
  • 3 USB Ports for fast design transfer and computer connectivity
  • Built in sample embroidery designs and 25 size adjustable embroidery lettering fonts
  • Built in Greek, appliqué, floral and Renaissance alphabet designs

Need I say more?

4. Canon powershot G11

Can you imagine the pictures I could take with this?

I guess with the types of wishes I have ask for I should save my last one for money but I can't because Halloween would be nothing without

This is one of the 2 best candies in the world. I could eat it while driving my fusion and playing with my sewing and embroidery machines. I could even take pictures while letting that chocolaty goodness melt in my mouth.

***A while back I was talking to someone about how you got your buttons of friends to scroll and you offered to give me the code so I could do that...please forgive my forgetfulness and offer again....please! thank you very much...***

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was going to do a th th th blog but the weather is bad and I have to get off.
Oka I tried to see you ...
Rain rain rain
house canceled for tomorrow :(
sleep in tomorrow... :)
Going good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I sometimes take self pics to send my youngest so she can see what I am looking like that day...don't know if she appreciates it as much as I appreciate her self pics but...I still do it.
I took one last Sunday and I got to looking at it today and my eyes are....well they are cock-eyed. I didn't know I was cock-eyed. I think that's the word for it...maybe I should be saying I have a lazy eye,Hmmm I don't know.

ANYWAY..I was going to post this pic and my wonderful new love,the blackberry curve is not letting me.
Why am I having such a hard time posting this pic to my blog?
Does anyone else have this phone?
Do you post pics from the phone to blogger?

Why can't I?

I blogged it straight to bloggger from the phone and the phone says it was sent and for all I know tomorrow you guys might be looking at 56 of the same pics of me in 56 different blogs...I know I tried it at least that many times!

So if it comes later and you have me in reader or dashboard and I'm on there umpteen thousand times.... I apologize.

Also if for some reason picasa actually blogs the pic while I'm sitting here I will copy paste this into that post and try to confuse everyone as much as I am with picasa and blackberry.

NOW on to better and less frustrating things... My friend Supah has been kind enough to do a review and giveaway on Mimis Corner and I am very grateful. You should probably go check her out!

Also just because I am on here and frustrated I have to can stop here if your not in the mood to hear it but it will hurt my tenders....

I clean house for a 90 yr old lady. Sweet as anything but she is starting to forget things... This is a problem! She told me a while back to go ahead and throw all the plastic (all 600,486 bottles) away cause she wasn't going to recycle it. So I throw it away and get a call a few days later wanting to know why I threw the plastic away she was going to recycle.....

Well we got that settled and we became friends again...she now has 1,694,367 plastic bottles and milk cartons in her spare room.


3 weeks ago she said she needed me every week in stead of every 2 weeks. I like that...more money and house is easier to clean.
Today she says :" I can't afford to have you over here every week." She said this like I was coming on my own! She ask me too!!!!! Now I don't go back for 2 weeks and I'm expecting to hear "I thought you were going to come every week."


*sigh*  some people make me wanna tear my hair out....
......or theirs.


I didn't unzip the doomafloggy
why my pic wouldn't show up!
I'm so friggin smart sometimes.   

**Pay no attention to the many smile lines around my eyes and don't you dare call them wrinkles!**

I also thought I would explain that my youngest girl lives 600 long miles away and that is why we send pics back and forth...were not like narcissist or something.

I spelled  narcissist right..the first time...go me!

OK I'm out.....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook

September 25, 2009

Outside my window... it is dark and gloomy with more rain.

I am thinking... I'm glad to be staying home in my pj's all day.

I am thankful for... my husband and the moments he makes me smile.

From the's all quiet in there for now.

I am wearing... pj's with an old BIG tyson foods sweat shirt on for warmth.

I am creating... headbands and bobby pins at the moment.

I am praying...for friends and family.

I am going... no where and it feels good.

I am reading...nothing. I'm out of books! I can't believe I have no books to read. I need to remedy that.

I am hoping...this rain will stop before I go to work tomorrow.

I am hearing...dead skunk in the middle of the road playing on Britt's computer. LOL

Around the house...rain and gloom outside but warmth and laughs inside.

One of my favorite things...little things. I love things that are really small. Nikki gave me a tiny baby real starfish the other day. Why would someone kill a baby starfish?

A few plans for the rest of the and lots of it. I might even be catching up!

A Picture to share...Me and Alicia
We've been friends since 7th grade and have so much fun together. Saturday we spent the whole day together and had a ball!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All About MEme Monday: prompt- Tales from the Darkside ( hissss)

Time for MEme Monday with Supah and MommyBrain!

This week were going to our dark side and bringing back a scary tale. Make sure you go check these ladies out!!

The following is a TRUE TRUE TRUE story...I lived it.

***I copy pasted from my old blog and it is not reader friendly..I am tired...sick...  lazy
so please highlight it so you can read it. :) Thank you!!***

 I grew up with a mother who loved scaring people. We would go looking for boogers...crazy! I can recall many instances where strange unexplained things have happened. I have seen things that have no explanation. A number of these things have happened at the Old Hudson Place.

The Hudson Place is now only a cemetery but you can still see where the old plantation use to be. The story I've always heard was I think in the late 60's or 70's some boy scouts (?) burned the old house down. I don't know if it was on purpose or accident. I can remember going out there when I was maybe 7 or so and seeing and hearing things that have stuck in my head all these years. But my story tonight happened when I was around 15 and it's like a video I can play back any time...

It was around 3 or 4 in the afternoon and my mom and then boyfriend (my girls dad) wanted to go out to do some target practice. Well mama wanted to go to the Hudson Place, it's out in the country with no people living any where near it. They shot the gun for awhile then we walked around in the cemetery for a little bit. I had been in that cemetery and seen the headstones a hundred times but it was always fascinating to go back and do it again.
Right before dark mama said we needed to go cause she didn't wanna be out there after dark. We loaded up, it was Me, Jim, mama and my brothers and i think my sister in mama's Volkswagen rabbit. We get on the main highway and mama goes to get a cigarette, they are no where to be found. She remembers her cigarette were on top of the car and we must have drove off and left them up there. So we had to backtrack and look for these cigarettes. Remember it's almost dark...
They aren't on the highway, that would be asking to much. So we turn down Hudson Rd...little bitty skinny dirt, not gravel road. Mama starts driving slowly down the road and lo and behold there's her cigs. I'm thinking GREAT! we can go home. No...she wants her lighter also. So we drive to the cemetery and turn around and it's dark by now. Nothing spectacular happened and we didn't find the lighter...we go home.
We get home and our neighbor comes over, they get to having a few beers and talking about being at the Hudson place and the next thing I know is my mom saying come on kids were going to go look for my lighter. WHAT!? Beer makes people very brave....or crazy-
We all get in the little bitty car and head back to this haunted place it's around 10pm or later. My moms lighter was a black bic, we are not going to find this black bic at 10pm! ...but we look. Were going real slow down this dirt road and get almost to the cemetery.*I'm scaring myself telling this!* Well something...somethingS that is because there was more than one, floated across the road in front of us! I know this sounds like every other "ghost" sighting but dang it I SAW THEM! My mama puts that lil rabbit in reverse and backs down that dirt road at a high rate of speed. Me? I'm in the back with my head under the blanket I thought to bring. I figure if I can't see them they can't see me! My mamas a good driver, we made it out of there in record time and I haven't been back after dark since then!
We never found the lighter but I slept with my mom that night...well alot cause my dad drove cross country and I just slept with her ...anyway back to the story! The next morning I woke up and on my moms pillow was her black lighter..... I know for a fact no one found it that night. All we found was a half empty pack of PallMall gold...UGH! So with all my heart I think something followed us home and gave the lighter back.

Ya'll think I'm crazy...doncha?

This is just one of many experiences I personally had at that place. The others were when I was younger and the first one I didn't even know it was suppose to be haunted. Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe in ghost? What are they? I find it hard to believe they are our loved ones that have gone on before us. Well the ones who went to heaven anyway...why would you wanna come back here after going there?


I love this kind of iveaway, something about winning fabric really excites me....even though I have NEVER won any.
Go check it out..hurry,it's almost over!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


*3 miles of men cheering on the women...and some men.*

It has been a week since I posted!
I've been really busy.
I am losing one of my houses but have already replaced.
I got a new phone!
It's a blackberry.
I don't know how to use it very well yet.
I had an instinct...didn't like the touchscreen...AT ALL!
Sending it back to Kelly..soon,I promise Kel.
Half ran and half walked in the Race for the Cure Saturday...It was COLD!
Seen some gals in short...short shorts,they was shivering.
Got a sweet postcard in the mail today from a stranger,has a cute lil mouse on it. :)
Plan on visiting said stranger soon as I get finished with this post.
Daisy started coughing raised her fluid pill. :(
Will be real busy rest of the week...hope to lurk if not comment!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rainy Day Craft

Are these clothes pins cute or what! I've been seeing them online and then the other day Nikki and I went into the gift shop at the hospital and they are even selling them. Only theirs is a lot more expensive than mine.These are still a little wet but I hope to have them listed in the next few days. They look nice on your chip or cereal bags or would make great stocking stuffers or teacher gifts.

Monday, October 12, 2009

ALL About MEme Monday: 10/12 Friends Edition: The kindest thing a friend ever did for me

Once again it is time for All About MEme Monday!


Choose one mini prompt that you love.
Or make up your own "friendly" post.
We don't care.. just join us.

1. What Friends character(s) best describes you. Why?
2. What Friends character(s) are most NOT like you . Why?
3. Your favorite episode of Friends, Why?
4. In Real LIfe Friends: who , what, where, when, why... etc.

5. The kindest thing a friend ever did for me.
6. What kind of friend are you? Why?
7. re-live a friend moment from childhood.

Since I'm like the ONLY person in blogland that has never watched friends that makes my choices smaller...I choose 5.

I have a friend that helped me once and I do not even know what that friends name is...I actually probably do know them cause I think they are from my church but no one has ever admitted it was them who helped.

In December of 2004 I was newly separated,getting a divorce and broke,I mean really broke. I was living in a mobile home that needed the pipes wrapped under it. I have a distant cousin who said for $20 he would get under there and wrap them.  So I ran home between jobs to give my mom the money to pay him when he showed up. It was a few bills and the rest was change. It was ALL THE MONEY I HAD! But I knew I'd be in trouble if I had a pipe bust and it was freezing already. 
When I was leaving my moms I stopped at the mailbox and there was a little envelope,kinda like what you would get in your valentine box you made for grade school. It had my name on it and nothing in the returen address part. I opened it and it had 2 $20 bills in it. FORTY $$$$$!!!! That was such a blessing to me, you have no ideal! The twenties were wrapped up in a small piece of paper that had "we love you" wrote in red crayon. I cried so hard I was late for work cause I had to go tell my mom. I'm teary eyed now thinking about it. I still haven't a clue who sent it but God does and one day I hope to be able to tell them thank you and how much that meant to me. 

So that's the nicest thing a friend has done for me. 


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who knew I had another one in me! SHIRTS AND RINGS!

I'm blogging twice in one day...haven't done that in a while. I wanted to post a few quick pics of what I have been up to today.
I have been lurking over at My Mama Made It for some time now and you guys should go check her out because she makes some of the ca-u-test! shirts by refashioning old shirts.
So we had this yard sale not to long ago and had some old clothes left over that didn't sell. I got one of the jersey long sleeve tees that was Britt's or one of my brothers...anyway, and I practiced on it. I like how it turned out. I think I'll look for one of mine that actually fits me and do the same thing.
Sorry no before pics but y'all know what a long sleeve tee looks like...right?
I cut the bottom off and cut it into strips and cut the sleeves down and cut them into strips and cut the neck out a bit. I ruffled all the strips and sewed them onto the shirt.
If you want a tutorial go see My Mama Made It cause I'm no good at them and she is FANTASTIC!

Now don't pay attention to the pajama pants,I know your jealous cause they is so sexy.

I also have been playing around with my rings. I finally got my silver wire in and it's just a little bit harder to work with than the craft wire. Here are a few I made tonight.

 size 8
 sz 5½ - 6
sz 7½- 8

sz 7
Hey Supah If you see one you like let me's yours. The rest will be in my etsy soon.

DONATE? Click on that pretty girl up there.
Someone said they donated and it didn't go to my page so if you and it doesn't show let me know so I can contact them. They have been really good about responding.

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SLOPPY SECONDS SATURDAY: From 3 years ago..Lots of things on my mind.

I blogged this probably about 3 years ago to the day and I'm reposting it today as part of Sloppy Seconds Saturday with Supah

I wrote it one night and when I was dating Britt and was so so scared to tell him I loved him. I was going to take it down before Britt got off work so he wouldn't see it...little did I know he looked at it at work. I'm going to leave the comments at the end that I received so you can see the advice I got.

I choose this picture cause it looks like I mind is so full of questions and it looks like I'm pondering them. pon·der (pndr)
v. pon·dered, pon·der·ing, pon·ders
v. tr. To weigh in the mind with thoroughness and care. v. intr. To reflect or consider with thoroughness and care.
Man! Today lasted 24 hours! I can usually do a house in 2 hours, a big one in 3 or 4 if noones home to stop me because they wanna visit. This place today is big and she was at home but I got there at 9am and didn't leave til after 4:30! I was working the whole time, she has alot of company coming in for Homecoming. In my town Homecoming is a big deal for people that went to UAPB. I'll be seeing those Golden Lions flying on all the cars this weekend! Oh well it felt real good to get home today!
The weather here has been just stupid! First it gets cold and I'm all worried about not having gas. Then it rains like it hasn't in forever and now it's 80 degrees! Creepy spooky weather, remember when we had seasons? It is suppose to be cold during the state fair,you should have to wear a coat at night. Not us! I'm telling ya something is happening. Don't know what or when or even where but it is....
I'm going to the game this weekend!! Were playing Ole Miss at Fayetteville. I have never gone to a game so I'm excited!!!!!!
I said I had things on my mind and I've been pondering them. You ever feel like you just don't know which way to turn? I started thinking about one thing and something else will creep up and poke me on my shoulder. Then I'll have 2 things on my mind and lately it seems like I have 100 things! I won't go into all of them and bore ya'll to death!
I will say I'm missing Kelly really bad. She's going to be moving into another part of Lexington and I wanna go see her and Michael so bad. I'd like to go the weekend of Thanksgiving but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to right now. I haven't even told her I was trying to so she's learning that here....Hi Baby!! I'm not gonna give up though, I'll just be praying harder for this to happen.
Another thing is my last blog....He doesn't get off work til 11pm and won't get home til 12am so maybe ya'll can help me out before then and I can erase this part.
I have been in love before, twice as a matter of fact. The first time was my first love and it lasted a long time before we...hell grew apart or whatever you wanna call it. (what would you call it Jim?) Your first love is something you never ever forget especially me since it gave me 2 beautiful daughters. It being the first love...I'm not calling Jim an it, might have at one time but not now! LOL!! No really were friends,tell'em Jim.
The second time...well I don't think I loved him when I married him and once I started to love him, it was to late. The 1st love was all young and giddy, heck I was 13 when I met him and 16 when we got married. The 2nd was more like security I guess. That's really the only way I know to describe it.
What I'm feeling now...It's not like either one of those. It's both of those and so so much more. Both of us have been hurt and we both wanted to go slow. We have been dating 7 months and we've talked about what we want, we want the same things. Neither one of us has mentioned love. I sit and wonder if I tell Britt I love him what will he do? What if he doesn't feel like that? What if I scare the hell out of him and he runs off? Should I wait andsee if hesays it first? I think he knows, hell he should! I feel like he has strong feelings for me. He does alot of things that shows his feelings but he doesn't voice them. AH!
Ya'll help me out! What do I do? Keep my mouth shut and wait? Tell him how I feel and see where that goes? I feel like if I don't tell him that I'm going to explode!!
I've honestly never felt like this....I don't know what to do! OK we have 3 me out my friends!
Kelly I Love You!!!!!

 OK I went to copy paste the comments and there is like 36 much to copy on this post so if your interested in what people told me to do click HERE!

Here's the video response I posted a day later telling how he reacted.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Five Friday Ramblings (in small sentences)


2. (of speech or writing) lacking a coherent plan; diffuse and disconnected

2.rambling - (of e.g. speech and writing) tending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects; "amusingly digressive with satirical thrusts at women's fashions among other things"; "a rambling discursive book"; "his excursive remarks"; "a rambling speech about this and that" 

1. I have had a headache for 3 days. This is getting ridiculous!
2. I thought I was driving toward a bad storm this morning...little did I know the bad one was in my neck of the woods. Lots of trees down and some on peoples houses,barns and yards.
3. I finally got my silver wire in now if my mandrel would get here so I can get some work done.
4. I decided to start walking today, the weather decided to rain all day and night.
5. It's Friday and I hope to sleep in tomorrow without a phone or horn waking me up! Please!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OH MOM! Daughters battle cry hard on moms self esteem.

This is for my friend.(you know who you are) My mom gave me this article on August 26,1998. At the time my daughters were 14 and 12 and they were driving me nuts!!! At the top of the article my mama wrote after the age of 18 they will become your friend! She was right,today they are 26 and  23 and my best friends! My mom highlighted some of the stuff in the article so I'll put that in italics. So my friend hang on and believe me when one of these days you'll blink and she'll be grown and you'll talk about these years and she might even apologize.

Motherhood is not meant for the faint hearted, Dead frogs and the insults of teen-age girls are not for the wimpy-Danielle Steele
My 15 year old daughter came home last week after a 4 day trip to South Texas. I knew she was home because the air was suddenly full of criticism.
"Mom,you aren't wearing that to the store are you?"
"Mom can't you cook something I like?"
"Mom, you are the most over-protective parent on the planet!"
Lauren's comments on every move I make and every word I say have made me feel like I need to stand perfectly still and not utter a sound if I want to survive the remainder of her high school years with my self-esteem intact. Unfortunately, that's rather impractical as I have 3 other children and a boatload of responsibilities. I console myself by realizing that,if ever captured my an army of militants,I could probably survive any torture applied,as I've been so well primed by my daughter.

A good example of Lauren's uplifting technique came shortly after she returned from her trip. She took 30 minutes grilling her father and me about phone messages we had taken in her absence. She wanted to know how people sounded when they called,If we had explained what kind of trip she was on and if she had gotten any job offers for baby-sitting. She sounded,her father decided,like a journalist.
"I can't believe it," he said with a chuckle,"you sound just like your mother!"
"That's a horrible thing to say!" Lauren replied.
This was one of those Norman Rockwell moments a mother dreams of: The day her first born daughter begins to identify with her. Of course,I had thought the identification process would be alot more positive.
"Well I'm so thrilled your happy to be like me,"I said to Lauren as I hand my husband a tissue to dry his eyes."There are some folks who think I'm a great person."
"It's not like your awful or anything,"Lauren explained."It's just that I don't want to be like you.I'm sure you can understand."
Well,I wanted to say,actually I can't understand. I remember being mortified by my parents,but I had good reason-they were hopelessly out of step with the times.
On the other hand,I've taken great care to remain rather cool by teen-age standards. I listen to alternative rock music. I play basketball with the neighborhood kids. I drive groups of teens to the movies. I even play electric guitar off and on in a retro rock band. How much more cool can one mom be?
I've often reminded my angel that her friends have told her,and I quote,"Your mom's pretty OK,for a parent."
"That's because you aren't there mom!" she will explain,adding that she thinks that I talk to much,laugh to loud and ask to many questions.
"Can't you just be like other mother's?" she'll ask. "You know just watch television and ignore me and my friends?"
"But I think your friends are interesting."
"See? That's exactly what I mean-grown-ups aren't suppose to like teenagers! It's not normal!"
When my children were small, I thought I'd die from the physical exhaustion required by parenting preschoolers. I actually remember kneeling by my bed one night telling God I didn't think I could make it through one more day of scraping play dough off the carpet or changing diapers.
In retrospect, it is safe to say that in comparison to the emotional torment of trying to be acceptable to your teenager.the preschool years were the good old days Back in their preschool years,my children worshipped me,invited me to their tea parties and told me I was beautiful,even if I had hat hair and was dressed in flannel pjs.
These days,however, Lauren has decided I'm a fashion hazard,a social nerd and completely unworthy of her company unless I'm providing taxi service(and her 13 year old brother agrees). I'm left wondering where exactly I went wrong,when it was that I became a liability in the eyes of my teenagers.
Hard to say,really,and a moot point as well. What's getting me through right now is knowing that one day,my kids will probably have children of their own. And as every parent knows,what goes around,comes around-as well it should.
~ Renee Schafer Horton~ article from Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 08-26-98

**This article lived on my fridge for years. It is old and tattered and yellowed,I even have packing tape on it now to preserve it. They do least mine did,for the hard times.