Saturday, October 10, 2009

SLOPPY SECONDS SATURDAY: From 3 years ago..Lots of things on my mind.

I blogged this probably about 3 years ago to the day and I'm reposting it today as part of Sloppy Seconds Saturday with Supah

I wrote it one night and when I was dating Britt and was so so scared to tell him I loved him. I was going to take it down before Britt got off work so he wouldn't see it...little did I know he looked at it at work. I'm going to leave the comments at the end that I received so you can see the advice I got.

I choose this picture cause it looks like I mind is so full of questions and it looks like I'm pondering them. pon·der (pndr)
v. pon·dered, pon·der·ing, pon·ders
v. tr. To weigh in the mind with thoroughness and care. v. intr. To reflect or consider with thoroughness and care.
Man! Today lasted 24 hours! I can usually do a house in 2 hours, a big one in 3 or 4 if noones home to stop me because they wanna visit. This place today is big and she was at home but I got there at 9am and didn't leave til after 4:30! I was working the whole time, she has alot of company coming in for Homecoming. In my town Homecoming is a big deal for people that went to UAPB. I'll be seeing those Golden Lions flying on all the cars this weekend! Oh well it felt real good to get home today!
The weather here has been just stupid! First it gets cold and I'm all worried about not having gas. Then it rains like it hasn't in forever and now it's 80 degrees! Creepy spooky weather, remember when we had seasons? It is suppose to be cold during the state fair,you should have to wear a coat at night. Not us! I'm telling ya something is happening. Don't know what or when or even where but it is....
I'm going to the game this weekend!! Were playing Ole Miss at Fayetteville. I have never gone to a game so I'm excited!!!!!!
I said I had things on my mind and I've been pondering them. You ever feel like you just don't know which way to turn? I started thinking about one thing and something else will creep up and poke me on my shoulder. Then I'll have 2 things on my mind and lately it seems like I have 100 things! I won't go into all of them and bore ya'll to death!
I will say I'm missing Kelly really bad. She's going to be moving into another part of Lexington and I wanna go see her and Michael so bad. I'd like to go the weekend of Thanksgiving but it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to right now. I haven't even told her I was trying to so she's learning that here....Hi Baby!! I'm not gonna give up though, I'll just be praying harder for this to happen.
Another thing is my last blog....He doesn't get off work til 11pm and won't get home til 12am so maybe ya'll can help me out before then and I can erase this part.
I have been in love before, twice as a matter of fact. The first time was my first love and it lasted a long time before we...hell grew apart or whatever you wanna call it. (what would you call it Jim?) Your first love is something you never ever forget especially me since it gave me 2 beautiful daughters. It being the first love...I'm not calling Jim an it, might have at one time but not now! LOL!! No really were friends,tell'em Jim.
The second time...well I don't think I loved him when I married him and once I started to love him, it was to late. The 1st love was all young and giddy, heck I was 13 when I met him and 16 when we got married. The 2nd was more like security I guess. That's really the only way I know to describe it.
What I'm feeling now...It's not like either one of those. It's both of those and so so much more. Both of us have been hurt and we both wanted to go slow. We have been dating 7 months and we've talked about what we want, we want the same things. Neither one of us has mentioned love. I sit and wonder if I tell Britt I love him what will he do? What if he doesn't feel like that? What if I scare the hell out of him and he runs off? Should I wait andsee if hesays it first? I think he knows, hell he should! I feel like he has strong feelings for me. He does alot of things that shows his feelings but he doesn't voice them. AH!
Ya'll help me out! What do I do? Keep my mouth shut and wait? Tell him how I feel and see where that goes? I feel like if I don't tell him that I'm going to explode!!
I've honestly never felt like this....I don't know what to do! OK we have 3 me out my friends!
Kelly I Love You!!!!!

 OK I went to copy paste the comments and there is like 36 much to copy on this post so if your interested in what people told me to do click HERE!

Here's the video response I posted a day later telling how he reacted.


Shell said...

I couldn't see the comments- no permission, but the video is very sweet!

This Mama Rocks said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Those test are free (you get ten of them) if you just click the link! :) If you and your daughter live at seperate addresses then you can get 20, lol.

B Lines said...

I didn't have permission to see the comments either, but that was kinda neat. Glad it worked out for you girl!