Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sloppy Seconds Saturday:"15 THINGS THAT GET ON MY LAST NERVE" challenge

I'm linking up with Supah and participating in her Sloppy Seconds Saturday. I really love this one cause I don't have to think....just copy... paste! I'm choosing this old post from when I blogged on Yahoo 360 right about the time tthey started acting all wonky. It's a challenge and if anyone wants to participate in it...go right ahead and let me know so I can see what gets oon your nerves!



Yes i said challenge, It's been a lil while and I finally had an idea. This challenge is to name 15 things that get on your last the top of your head. Now all I have to do is remember which 15 I posted at that other site that ATE my blog....does that remind you of anyone? OK here goes....
1. Cars that pass you just to turn when they get in front of you...without signaling.
2. Paris Hilton....need I say more?
3. Rude cashiers! The other day I had one that was leaning all up on her register and TEXTING! TEXTING!! I wish I was her boss....
4. Being ignored...
5. FAKE people. Come on do they really think they have people fooled?
6. Liars, lying, decievers, users.... (I think this is 4)
7. Waiting in line at the bank...and waiting...and waiting....
8. Yahoo! (yep, I said it!)
9. Exes....mine is getting on my nerves. His gets on my nerves too.
10. Alarm clocks....especially Britts,he hits snooze way to many times. ank ank ank ank ank ank ank....
11. you is pretty, sexy lady, i make love with you, marry me, i know to make you feel good, you need me sex....come on! I know I'm not the only one getting these request on IM! I'm pretty good at ignoring them until they Buzz me! That's just rude!
12. Disrespect, especially when someone is disrespecting older people. I won't even get started on the lil snot-nosed kids.
13. Spam (the internet kind, I actually like the meat kind)
14. Trying to do a job and not being able to because you can't find all your tools. (not because you lost them either!)
15. Bickering... why? To give Maury and Judge Judy a job?
Ok there's mine, I'm sure I could come up with alot more given time and a piece of paper. (sad but true)
Have fun and let me know if you do it!!


Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

The song that I posted today on my blog was off of the Unbreakable Cd by Fireflight. I really like the whole cd and they have a new cd coming out in a week or so.

SupahMommy said...

i cannot believe you get im's like that..

me love you long time.