Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I sometimes take self pics to send my youngest so she can see what I am looking like that day...don't know if she appreciates it as much as I appreciate her self pics but...I still do it.
I took one last Sunday and I got to looking at it today and my eyes are....well they are cock-eyed. I didn't know I was cock-eyed. I think that's the word for it...maybe I should be saying I have a lazy eye,Hmmm I don't know.

ANYWAY..I was going to post this pic and my wonderful new love,the blackberry curve is not letting me.
Why am I having such a hard time posting this pic to my blog?
Does anyone else have this phone?
Do you post pics from the phone to blogger?

Why can't I?

I blogged it straight to bloggger from the phone and the phone says it was sent and for all I know tomorrow you guys might be looking at 56 of the same pics of me in 56 different blogs...I know I tried it at least that many times!

So if it comes later and you have me in reader or dashboard and I'm on there umpteen thousand times.... I apologize.

Also if for some reason picasa actually blogs the pic while I'm sitting here I will copy paste this into that post and try to confuse everyone as much as I am with picasa and blackberry.

NOW on to better and less frustrating things... My friend Supah has been kind enough to do a review and giveaway on Mimis Corner and I am very grateful. You should probably go check her out!

Also just because I am on here and frustrated I have to can stop here if your not in the mood to hear it but it will hurt my tenders....

I clean house for a 90 yr old lady. Sweet as anything but she is starting to forget things... This is a problem! She told me a while back to go ahead and throw all the plastic (all 600,486 bottles) away cause she wasn't going to recycle it. So I throw it away and get a call a few days later wanting to know why I threw the plastic away she was going to recycle.....

Well we got that settled and we became friends again...she now has 1,694,367 plastic bottles and milk cartons in her spare room.


3 weeks ago she said she needed me every week in stead of every 2 weeks. I like that...more money and house is easier to clean.
Today she says :" I can't afford to have you over here every week." She said this like I was coming on my own! She ask me too!!!!! Now I don't go back for 2 weeks and I'm expecting to hear "I thought you were going to come every week."


*sigh*  some people make me wanna tear my hair out....
......or theirs.


I didn't unzip the doomafloggy
why my pic wouldn't show up!
I'm so friggin smart sometimes.   

**Pay no attention to the many smile lines around my eyes and don't you dare call them wrinkles!**

I also thought I would explain that my youngest girl lives 600 long miles away and that is why we send pics back and forth...were not like narcissist or something.

I spelled  narcissist right..the first time...go me!

OK I'm out.....


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I love this post. And, you aren't cock eyed!

Trac~ said...

Sorry Lisa - I don't see the lazy eye just so you know! Nor do I see those wrinkles. :o) On another note - regarding the Blackberry Curve - I had that phone for 2 years and LOVED it! However, I just sold it on Ebay and got a different phone instead that I like just as much, if not better but I am still getting used to it. :o)

Shell said...

That is a cute pic! I got a Blackberry curve a few weeks ago, but have yet to figure out how to get pics right from it to Blogger. Hmmm, looks like something I'll have to play with.

I did notice I could email them, so I emailed myself a pic, saved it to my computer once I got home, and posted it that way. Glad there is a quicker way.

B Lines said...

Well, let's see. I love the pic. I don't see a cock eye, but we are always our own worst critic eh?

On the old lady. You might want to write things down for her. So you can show her, "Yes m'am. You had me write it down right here. You wanted me every week." "No m'am. You said not to come every week. See, we wrote it down right here in my little notebook and you initialed it." I don't know if that will work, but things like that have been suggested to me before in similar circumstances. You can tell her you are beginning to get forgetful and want to have it in writing so you can keep up with it.... ;)

Anonymous said...
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