Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten Thoughts Tuesday...LATE

1. It has rained all day. This morning it was really mild so I grabbed a light jacket..by this afternoon I wished for my big coat. The temps are steady dropping.

2. I really feel for all who are having the ice and snow...I hope we don't get any.

3.I HATE the cold. It hurts!

4. Drex is giving sugars left and right. Although sometimes he looks frustrated and I think in stead of sugars he's trying to gum me. He might be getting in trouble when he starts getting teeth.

5. Pork chops with onion gravy,rice and green beans...that's what's for supper.

6. My stomach is growling.

7. I got a new car! My first ever brand new car. It's a Nissan Altima and I heart it big time.


8. Now I just have to get more houses so I can afford it.

9. We got the best deal...nothing down and we just have to pay sales tax...I'm not friendly with sales tax.

10. I promise to get around to all soon!!


Janie B said...

It snowed here all day in Fayetteville. No school today or tomorrow (and probably not the rest of the week). Congrats on the new car. I'm really enjoying mine, too. Time for the first payment, though. (Ugg)

Oka said...

Congrats on the new car.

If you'd let me make you that blanket, you wouldn't get so cold, LOL

I'll show you what the ice did, tomorrow.

Stasha said...

Congrats on the car! That is a great deal!

I want snow but not ice. But it doesn't look like we will be getting any of either any time soon :(