Sunday, February 6, 2011


 Last week I was home bound for 3 days because of weather and now we are in a winter weather advisory....again. It makes me feel-

I am so ready for some warm weather!!!!!!!

So did yall watch the superbowl? I didn't...I just don't get into football if the Hogs are not playing. I use to love it, not any more. I'm on the computer while they watch it. I don't even care who is playing or about the commercials...bad?
I don't care.

After church today we all went to mamas and Kelly had fixed lunch. It was so good! Then we had turtle pie, nom nom nom! It was really good. My nephew wanted mama to buy it because he always wondered what turtle tasted like. LOL That kid cracks me up all the time. He's the same one I jumped out of the closet to scare during our blogger survivor last year. 

Drex was in the best mood, he kept laughing....not sure if we were funny or he was trying to amuse us but if so it worked. Kelly got a great pic of his laughing, I love the sound!

This is his big laugh...

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Oka said...

Fall was so wonderful, but I am hating winter.

So now that he has tried turtle pie, is he willing to really try turtle????

Rhonda said...

This winter weather is just so nasty! I have been in such a blue mood with it.

I don't do football. It is just not my thing.

Turtle Pie. MMM! I love it.

That photo of Drex is just so cute! Now that is a great smile!

Can't wait for the new giveaway!