Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I heart Pottery Barn

Have you been to the pottery barn web site? I could stay there for hours just "window" shopping. I'm sure if I had the get up and go there are a few things on there I think I could copy too.
Oh how I wish and pray for warm weather so I will feel like doing something other than sitting under a blanket staring at the tv.
Here are a few things I'd like to try and copy...when it warms up!

How hard can this be?

29.99 for 2 bottles...Ummm o I can do better than that.

antique pickling jars. I can't make these but I sure want them!

We have an old gate and this would look good in my sunroom...I can do this!

looks easy to me

I'm so going hunting when it warms up!

This will be going on my porch this spring. It would look nice hanging or sitting on a table. I have mason jars and wire I just need sand.

source for all the pictures

Just sharing my "window" shopping with yall. Hope you all have a great night and a better tomorrow....stay warm!


carma said...

I bet you could make some of those for sure -- looking forward to seeing your finished products - especially the iron gate - I love that type of thing; reminds me of Charleston

Pam said...

These could be made easily. Thanks for sharing them with us. I look it when I can reproduce products I love for so much less. :)

Oka said...

I admire people who see things and say "I can do that."

Kmama said...

When did you change your blog look? It's cute!

I love PB too, but the prices are way too high for me! I hope you're able to reproduce some of those looks!

Tammy said...

I love PB! I love those homemade looks and they are easy enough for crafters like us to do.