Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Saturday

I finished this hat tonight for my pastors daughter. She is such a cutie and likes to wear hats.
I'm horrible at following patterns. I usually rework it my own way and that's not always good. The flower is detachable so she can wear with or without.

We had a yard sale today at Nikkis and I made $75. Not bad at all considering I said I wasn't going to get up at 5:30am and load the truck to drive 45 minutes to maybe sale something. I really didn't have much but you know what they say about one mans junk being anothers treasure.

After the sale Evette, Nikki's MIL and my newest friend :), took me, Drex and the girls to eat mexican food...My fav! It was fun to sit and eat and laugh with girls. In my honest opinion I don't get as much girl time as I NEED or want.
I was so use to girls being the majority in the house and now I'm the only girl....even our dog Butter is a boy.

But he loves me best. :)

Well I'm off to try and read and comment on some blogs.....we used our bytes up AGAIN...grrrrrr!

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Oka said...

Thinking Britt might want to argue that he loves you best. wink wink

Sounds like a nice day ;)

Rhonda said...

That hat is just the cutest! Happy to hear that you got some girl time. We all need to get away every now and then.