Thursday, February 17, 2011

Read and Share Stories About Jesus- book review

Book Description

From the bestselling Read and Share® Bible, 13 stories from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. These time-honored favorites include: The Man Who Ate Locusts, John Baptizes Jesus, Jesus Heals a Sick Boy, Jesus Brings a Girl Back to Life, Jesus Walks on Water, Jesus Loves the Children, Zacchaeus, A Blind Man Sees Again, Jesus Stops a Storm, One Lost Sheep, Jesus' Best Friends, One Man Says Thank You, and Jesus Goes to Heaven.

My Review
I absolutely loved this book. First of all it is a hard back book and all of the pages are very sturdy. I know that when Drex gets older he can read it himself and not tear the pages.  The pictures are big and bright and at the end of each story,which is a page or two long, there are little boxes that have questions or comments about that particular story.
Like in the story Jesus Loves Children it says-
If you were one of the children who got to meet Jesus, what would you say to him?
I like this because it really gets the kids involved in telling what they think about the story. It kinda help the story stay in their head.
I also like that after the title of each story it has the scripture reference so you could easily find it in the bible and read the story as originally written.
Buy it- Thomas Nelson or Amazon
Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Read and Share: Stories About Jesus By Gwen Ellis fromBookSneeze/Thomas Nelson Publisher for this review.