Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last few hours!!!! THE HELP and 2 SpArKs Books!

The Follower Love Giveaway is almost over!! It ends tonight, if you like audio books The Help is up for grabs. This is the best audio cd I have ever listened to. Different people are reading and the accents are wonderful. You really get a sense of how it was in the deep South in the early 60s.
The other giveaway is 2 Nicholas Sparks book and I think MOST people like Sparks.
The giveaway is posted on the top right sidebar. > Over there...see it? Super easy to enter.
I said if I get to 300 followers I will add a 3rd winner. I'm on the phone and haven't looked to see how many I have so tell your friends!!!!!!

*we now return to your regularly scheduled program. The pic of Drex was just for your veiwing entertainment. *
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Oka said...

I saw Sparks and was thinking Awanas, LOL

Jessica said...

such a sweet boy! I can't believe how big he is already!!!