Friday, February 4, 2011

Are you sick and tired of this????

I am! I don't ever remember having this much cold weather here.
In 2000 we were without electric for 2 weeks (except for a day it came on and went back off next day) and it was cold but after it was gone it was gone! This keeps coming back.
I hope everyone stays warm and safe! I'm staying in the house and try not to go stir crazy.
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DCHY said...

I lived in Rochester, NY...this is laughable compared to Rochy. I'd rather live in Florida so I do not have to deal with the winters again.

Janie B said...

In answer to your title question...YES! It's snowing again right now! Really???

Oka said...

Did you lose power?

Rhonda said...

No snow here, but lots or rain and ice and dreary days. I am so sick of this winter weather. I am just sick of winter altogether.