Monday, March 22, 2010

ALL ABOUT MEme MONDAY-I must have a POGO stick!

with MommyBrain and SupahMommy

I MUST have it Monday.  

What was it? 
A benetton shirt? 
Converse sneakers?
Jelly shoes? 

There was ONE item that you wanted when you were a youth.  

What was it? 

You know, the one your begged and pleaded for. 
The one you sold your soul for? 

 Show us a pic if you can and tell us a story about how you got it.

The one thing I can remember wanting so bad I could taste it when I was a kid was
a POGO stick!
Cartoon: Jumper Pogostick (medium) by neudecker tagged für,bündnis,boy,children,comic,cartoon,character,kids,portrait,illustration,pogostick,jumper,beziehung,familie

I can remember asking and begging for one for what seemed like years but I'm sure it was just months. I do remember mama was still married to Nolan (my birth dad) so I had to be around 9 years old. 
I did get it... for my birthday I think. 
I spent many hours trying to learn how to jump and I never quite mastered it.
 I loved my pogo stick!


Oka said...

how fun

Lluvia said...

Those seemed to scary for me. I remember wanting a pair of roller blades. Mom goes to a garage sale thinking that roller skates and roller blades are the same thing, so she buys me this old ass roller skates. she was so freaking happy about it, so I just acted like I was happy too. I did like my new "roller skates," but as soon as I started working, I got me a new pair of roller blades.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I ever had one myself but I do remember playing on them.
I think my two older siblings had them. I think my mom knew I didn't have enough coordination for one :)

Adoption of Jane said...

I think Anonymous is on acid! Anywhoo.. i ate sh** on those things! Scared the heck outta me!

MommyBrain said...

Isn't it crazy what our young minds fixate on?

For me, the noise of a metal pogo stick is like nails on a chalkboard ... ugh!

Shell said...

How fun! I wanted a pogo ball. Pogo ball is what you call it when you're hopping and a bopping all week long...or something like that was the song.

I almost split my head open trying to use that thing.

Kmama said...

I never had a real pogo stick, but I had the pogo ball stick. LMAO!

Michelle | UPrinting said...

I personally think pogo sticks are a lot harder to handle than we think. It looks like fun but I think bruises come next. Still worth a shot.

Tammy said...

Gosh, wish I had seen this earlier today. I saw 2 of those at the Goodwill today! I could of bought you!

gayle said...

I never had one but played with one and never could get the hang of it!! I remember wanting a fancy record player and the one I got was a little babyish!!