Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ten Thoughts Tuesday

1. I have had robin eggs on my brain today. Not the kind birds lay but the kind you buy at walmart. The kind I DO NOT need but want.

2. The dance were doing for the Just Dance your bloggy off contest is slow to me. I'm not feeling it.

3 Survivor comes back on thus week and if I'm not mistaken it is on Wed. night this week.
4. I need to find a bug. We have to let one crawl on us for 5 seconds and video it. This week who ever gets immunity gets to also give immunity to one other person.

5. Kelly is coming home the 8th of April for a few days! I'm really excited. I haven't seen her since Christmas and need to get my arms around her.

6. There is 2 things I'm wanting to try. Fortunately Britt had all the things I needed to try them so I don't have to buy the tools. One is soldered jewelry and the other is personalized jewelry,where you stamp whatever it is you want on the metal.

7. I won a giveaway!! A $50 giftcard to CSN stores from Kmama. I'm so excited to get some "free" shopping in for Drex.

8. I finally finished Under the Dome by Stephen King. It took 2 weeks and a day. Over 1000 pages. I really liked it but I'm a big King fan and like all his books.

9. I'm suppose to be getting a TB test and have put it off for 2 weeks now. I have this week and next to get it done. I'm such a baby about needles!

10. Britt has the sunroom all measured and roped off and is going to start putting blocks down tomorrow. It should go pretty fast from there.I am going to love that room!


Oka said...

you'll post pictures of the sunroom right?

i have to admit, i haven't tried this weeks song (haven't had time)

get that tb test out of the way

Yay on Kelly

Rhonda said...

You have to let a bug crawl on you? Ok, I have to admit that homeschooling my girls requires us to handle and look at a lot of bugs, but to let one crawl on me is out of the question. No way! You are a brave woman.

I'm happy to hear that Kelly will be in soon. I just don't know how you handle not seeing those beautiful girls of yours for so long. I know that my day will come when my girls won't be living with me and I truly am not looking forward to it. :0(

I would love a sunroom! I have so many plants that did not make it over this harsh winter that we had. A sunroom would have been perfect for them.

Go and get that TB test done missy!

Lluvia said...

uughhh...! A sun room! I'm jealous! I can imagine myself enjoying a good glass of wine and a good book in a my very own sunroom.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock, on adding rooms and fixing stuff! wish you lived closer I would put both of you to work :D

So glad you get to see Kelly, it has been along time for the two of ya!

Get the TB test done already, its not all that bad....use to get them done all the time when I worked around elderly.

$50, you go girl, hope you find something good!

A bug crawling on you, guess a bug is better then a snake....no way no how here!

carma said...

I was thinking the same thing this am about trying the stamped metal because I saw some pieces over the weekend - I have the rest of the supplies minus the stamp letters. Would love to try it.

congrats on your win - and get that TB test done!