Friday, March 12, 2010

ODE to the 80"s!

This week at Amber and Meg's birthday bash the challenge is 80's Flashback week.

I was a child of the 80's but it was also the decade I met my daughters dad and got married and had 2 was a very busy decade for me. 

I remember a lot of favorites from back like....

Madonna's song "Like a Virgin"
I remember my 2 yr old sitting in her car seat singing this song at the top of her lungs. HAHA! I love this memory.

Michael Jacksons "Thriller"
Nikki loved this song too. She would get real quiet and her eyebrows would stay up to her hairline the whole time it was on. Her little hands would be balled into fist and when it would go off she would say "AGAIN!"

Tight rolling jeans.
My brother was an expert at this,matter of fact he just recently stopped doing it!

I NEVER did master this.

Rarely did I have big hair...too busy with babies to mess with it much.
That pic is just wrong.

My kids still joke about jellies.
What was I thinking? They made their feet dirty,sweaty and stinky!

In 1984 (I think) I got my first VHS player. Remember those? I bought it for one movie! I went to the theater 7 times to see this movie.
I took my toddler with me!
I loved this guy and his music more than Michael Jackson! 

I still have  that know those black vinyl things played to make music.

Last but not least my 2 favorite cartoons from the 80's

*Just kidding about my brother and tight rolling until was mid 90's when he stopped!*


Tammy said...

Ahhhh...the 80's...graduated in 84 so all of those pics brought back! Thanks for making me feel old today. Especially knowing how old Meg and Amber are...ugh!

Oka said...

mid 90's is just recent, right???

I remember jellies and espadrilles.

Mama Sammi said...

Thanks for stopping by...I loved the smurfs!!

Shell said...

I loved jellies- but they really were so gross!

And I still don't get how the smurfs were able to hide. They were 3 apples high, so their mushroom houses had to be gigantic!

Lisa said...

The 80's were great:) Thanks for the pics and bringing up some fond memories....I would be hard-pressed to say which one I liked more - Prince or MJ.

Those were awesome times!!

Lluvia said...

aahhh...the good old 80's!!!

Bethany said...

I watched The Smurfs with my 8 month old yesterday! I never had jellies, but my friends did and they had the clear, sparkly kind. In other words, they were sparkly taupe; I guess thats what turned me off, seeing the dirt and sand with the sparkles

carma said...

recall all these things far too vividly; luckily I never had any jellies though; my feet sweat like crazy as is!

Messy Mommy said...

Good times Good times. I LOVED jellies! Why the heck aren't jellies cool anymore?

Anonymous said...

I love the 80's! I grew up in that decade too so everything you have on your blog brings back good memories. Love Madonna and Michael Jackson! The Smurfs are the best. Sat. morning cartoons, the good 'ol days. :)

Rhonda said...

LOL @ your brother and his pants. These were great. Oh how I remember the 80's.

B Lines said...

LeLe used to pretend she was Smurfette. And in the stash of fabric my mom gave me a while back, there was a piece of Smurf fabric. I love it! I made two burp cloths for LeLe out of it and have enough to make more. Ha!

Ohhhh the 80s....

Adoption of Jane said...

No, whats wrong is you gave your daughter the same hairstyle... LOLOLOLOL!!!

I missed this post somehow! I luuuuv the 80's... great post!