Monday, August 31, 2009

MEme Monday!

My friend Supah is starting MEme Monday! You should seriously check her out cause the cjick is f.u.n.n.y!

Her first is

Five quirks about MEme.

SO here's 5 of mine.

1. I really really hate feet over the age of 5 years. They are gross and stinky and nasty. Now I love my feet rubbed but please do not ask me to do yours cause it ain't happening. My girls still try to get there feet on me and jump back before I hit their toes with a knuckle.

2. Needles are B.A.D.
I have a thing about them,don't want them near me,can't watch people on tv get a shot even. They are defiantly a necessary evil.

3. Snot, You know these snotty little kids that run around? They have it blowing bubbles from their noses,running into their mouths and usually across one sleeve or God forbid their arm. I can wipe my kids snot all day but do not want someone elses kids snot on me. BLAH!

4. Boxes in the trash can. WHY can't someone break them down? They take up so much room and all I ask is for someone to break them down. :(

5. Spiders...I'm sure this isn't a quirk really but a phobia...same difference. I really am scared of them. I know they are aliens. One can get on me and I will freeze up and cry like a baby. They are not normal...aliens I tell you.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was going to do absolutely nothing productive or resembling work today.
I was going to read in my book.
I was going to watch tv.
I was going to nap on the couch.
I was not going to cook. And I'm still not,we're having salad and sourdough bread.

All the others like the book,the tv and the nap...didn't get done.
Instead I organized my fabric.
I made 2 coupon organizer holders.
I brightened up my old window on the wall.
I made a domino necklace for the giveaway Carma won.
I made some marble magnets.

I washed cl
othes. (I LOVE my new bounce dryer bar!)
I learned what to baste on fabric meant...been doing it all alone and didn't know.

I stayed in my pj's all day while doing this.
I didn't comb my hair!
I didn't apply make-up.
I DID brush my teeth.

Maybe Monday I'll do the nap,book and tv.

#1 coupon organizer. Not real happy with this one but it will work to be my first!

Inside of #1
Not finish with the sewing on it with this

Inside #2 I like this one better.

Outside, I used velcro in stead of a button on this one.

I got the ideal of making this from my new friends at The Seam Rippers. Her's turned out so much better than mine!

This is my favorite thing I did today. I wanted some color in the dining/sewing/computer room so I took my old window frame
that was Britt's gramdmas and added scrapbook paper to the panes.
That's my memaws baby sitting in his grandmas window. Lower right hand pane,it was homemade and priceless to me.

Y'all have a great weekend!

Did I use to follow you?

Well did I?

Have you been wondering why you were dropped?

Do you get your tenders hurt when you are dropped?

If I did follow you and you are reading this...tell me! I have lost people and don't know how to find them. It all started when I decide d to read blogs through my dashboard instead of reader. I got lazy with reader,wouldn't go visit the actual blog, hardly ever commented SO I thought I was deleting the people on reader, you know so I wouldn't be tempted to be lazy again, and I deleted most everyone off dashboard in the process.

So if I use to follow you and I don't any more...let me know please so I can add you back.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm going to do these in bullets (I think that's what it's called) just because it'll keep me straight and I want to.
  • Might as well start out with bad news...for me anyway. I lost 2 houses yesterday. 2 HOUSES! 2. geez....
  • They were mom and daughter that lived right across from each other and yes I hurt like crazy after I cleaned their houses but gee whiz.NO I didn't do anything wrong, The mister is retiring so they are cutting back and the daughter got a d.i.v.o.r.c.e. so she lost some income. (ok that bullet was not meant to be there.) I'm learning.
  • I have things I need to do at home so now I don't have an excuse cause I'm 2 houses free. Have I ever shown y'all my fabric...well don't expect me to. I need to sort and fold and ORGANIZE it. It is truly a mess. I see all these people on here who are so organized....they make me sick. :)
  • I have 10 million things going on. I love making my flowers,my pony holders,I'm making fabric bookmarks now,scrabble tile pendants, bubble magnets and that's only a fraction,I also have tons of stuff in my head I wanna do. Why can't I pick one or two things and stop! I bet I'd get a lot more accomplished.
  • I also seen this super cute bandanna... bandana...(hmmm which ever I say one but spell check says a different and it looks wrong to me) quilt tutorial...I'm thinking Christmas for my nieces and nephews.
  • I need to get on or swaptree and get me some more audio books. They make my drive so very much better.
  • I also need The Mark so I don't read out of turn in the Left Behind series. I've looked for it and can't find it...well on any of the swap sites.
  • I received some Kashi cereal in the mail today...going to try it in the morning so I can let ya know if it is any good. They sent me tons of coupons for the cereal and I'm going to share...of course. I will say I was not that impressed with the kashi blueberry waffles...paper with a faint hint of blueberry to me. The peanut butter made then edible though.
  • I got some new glasses...not to sure how I feel about them yet. I was suppose to wear my old ones every day and didn't so now my eyes are worse. Listen to the eye dr when he says wear them all the time...yeah.
  • Alright I'm out of here...I got to go look for The Mark and some audio books for that long ride.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I said I wasn't going to blog until my back felt better then my friend Supah had to go and have this cool giveaway. I really really really wanna win this My lil budget book so here I am (in pain) blogging about this wonderful little book that I hope y'all do not win....but only because I wanna win. So seriously go check it out! You might just wanna go ahead and buy one of these cause I'm going to be doing some super dooper praying on this one. :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Giveaway and coupon WINNERS

Well I am late! I was suppose to do the coupon Friday and the giveaway Sunday and here it is Monday afternoon and I'm just now getting around to it!
Sooo here goes. I wrote your names down and cut them out and squished them up and tossed them....ok The winners for the bounce coupons are

If you guys will get me your addys I'll ship them out to you. Rhonda I have yours and still on that mountain,right? So Sousonne I just need yours if your still interested.
FYI- Oka said the bars could be taken out for towels and such so they are removeable.

Now I had so many people enter for the surprise giveawayand wish I could pick all of you.But I did the same thing with all the names as above and the winner is -

Who commented and followed on blogger! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Carma I'll be getting a email out to you soon and will be needing your addy also.

Thanks so much to all who entered, I'm sure I'll be having another soon and I have a new book to review so that will be on a giveaway also. :)

Friday, August 21, 2009


I just accidently unsubscribed to all of the folks I follow! Oh my...what to do now. I'm going to try to remember who I had and if I miss you please please let me know because I didn't know if I unsubscribed in my reader I would unsubscribe period!

I only meant to stop going through reader because I have a bad habit of not commenting and just reading it in the reader. My plan was to go under my dashboard and read so I would be better about commenting.

I'm sorry,and this after a friend blogged about losing a follower!

Ok I have to get to work.

Only 2 more days til the surprise giveaway is over!! Go Here- GIVEAWAY

Thursday, August 20, 2009

How I spent last Saturday.

The surprise giveaway ends Sunday,make sure you enter!
Interested in a coupon to try the new bounce bar? Go here!

I have been wanting to do something with our be
droom for a long time now. Britt had teh dresser when we moved in and I wasn't liking it very much. I painted the walls a "gold" color that reminded me of mustard a while back and wanted them GONE! A lady I know gave me a hanging quilt rack a few years ago and I don't think I have any before pics of it but it was your typical stained wood look with a heart cut in the back...both had to go.

My mustard colored walls that I had started smearing paint on and remembered I wanted a before shot...hotdogs anyone?
Some frames I had the kids pics in,gotta modge podge them up!

Frame with Linzy in it all modge podged on wall now painted a light beige color from the mistint shelf.

dresser before , don't pay attention to floor were fixing (Kel I used that word for you) to lay new carpet.

dresser drawers during

dresser after. I like it all except the bottom drawers,I'll fix them later. I spray painted the pulls. I love some spray paint!

quilt rack after. I painted,distressed and modge podged. No more heart! pic is dark,sorry.

That's what I did last Saturday and I was tired! I'm joining Kimbas Do it Yourself Day at A soft place to land. There's lots of great DIY ideas over there,go check them out.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crazy SAD day

I've been cleaning for this family since early 2005,in the last year and a half I have gotten close to the lady. She's only 4 years older than me and has been sick that she had to quit working and uses a cane and sometimes a walker and wheel chair. So when I go over there we would talk and laugh and even cry together. We joke and have a contest as to who is going to be a g-ma first.One of my houses you could say I looked forward to cleaning.

After a year and a half of spending thousands of $$$ and seeing tons of drs and getting poked,scanned,proded and everything imaginable she was FINALLY diagnosed with MD less than 2 weeks ago.

She has one boy that passed about 5 years ago. One that lives in Little Rock and the youngest is in Irag. This morning she called me and let me know her youngest committed suicide Monday evening in Iraq. My heart aches for her. What do you say to someone who has lost one child much less two in five years? I spent a couple hours with her this morning and was speechless...except for I'm sorry,what do you say?

Please keep our soldiers in your prayers...and their family. Please keep my friend and her family in your prayers.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Have you heard?

...of the new Bounce dryer bar?

I heard of it or rather read about it the other day and then today I got a package from Vocalpoint! You stick them in your dryer and they are suppose to last about 4 months. That means 4 months of not having to remember the dryer sheet...or liquid softener. I know I'm the worlds worse when it comes to the liquid stuff. I always remember it when I'm putting the clothes in the dryer...not sur
e why I buy it!
Anyhoo! Vocalpoint sent me a coupon for a bar and sent me 3 coupons to share so if your interested in trying this out leave a comment and I'll pick 3 winners from Multiply and Blogspot on Friday. I'm not sure how much they cost but the coupons w
orth $1.50 off.

DON"T FORGET ABOUT THE SURPRISE GIVEAWAY! It will end Friday! Click here to go to it!

Friday, August 14, 2009



I was reading a new friends blog yesterday and she was relating a convo she was having with her children,it's very funny in a way only she can be. It got me to thinking about the 2 bra stories in my life and thought I would share them.

My first story starts back in the old days...better known as the early 70's. There was a great mom who was shoppi
ng with her sweet daughter at Sears. (I believe) The sweet daughter was around 4 years old...and wanted a bra. Mom kept saying no and sweet daughter was upset. Voices were raised and people were listening. Mom says "You don't have anything to put in a bra!" Sweet daughter says "Well you don't either."

Needless to say others heard and mom was embarrassed. (Mama I hope I got it right) Yep I was ...ummm AM the sweet
daughter and must have been a brat that day to embarass my mama like that.

I apologize.

Fast forward about 20 years, I have a sweet daughter of my own and take her shopping in Target...where I worked...and was known. We pass by the lingerie dept and Kelly wants to go look. I tell her that's for women and we'll go look at the little girls. At this point because she's not getting her way (shame Kel) she is on the verge of throwing a fit and I'm threatening a spanking if she does. (yes I spanked my kids and they lived through them without being scarred for life.) The spanking scares her enough that our shopping experience is pleasant...until we get ready top check out and go back by the womens dept. At this point she's beggging to go look at the bras...loudly. I thought what can it hurt. As were in there she decides (again loudly) that she wants a bra. Of course I tell her no, I mean she is 4 years old. In her loud voice and if you know Kel she could and can be loud (I love ya baby) she yells "I want a bra and I want a red one!"
Now who's embarrased?
She cried for that red bra all the way to the car. "I wa wa want a re re re red br br br BRA!

KARMA people! Watch what ya WILL come back and bite ya.

The red bra child, see she's still a brat!

Monday, August 10, 2009


I blogged this way back on 360. I was going through some of the old blogs and thought I'd reblog it. I remember Denim and a few others taking me up on this wasn't as easy as you would think. If you didn't do it then and do it now let me know in the comments cause I would like to see what your 100 is like.
Don't forget about the giveaway!! If you haven't entered make sure and go HERE!

100 things I like....

1. being a mom
2. being a wife
3. Autumn
4. soft blankets on a cool day
5. poems
6. hummingbirds, all birds but specially hummers
7. frogs,lizards and turtles
8. porch swings
9. shrimp scampi
10. hayrides
11. old buttons
12. opening the windows in the Fall and Spring
13. the way it smells right before it rains
14. watching the deer come in my yard
15. good books
16. bike riding
17. camping
18. dreams that make you wake up laughing
19. antiques
20. old tablecloths
21. old aprons
22. General Hospital
23. fresh veggies
24. sitting around with family, reminiscing
25. hardwood floors
26. redecorating
27. rag rugs (although I don't own one)
28. house plants
29. ice water
30. sweet tea
31. coffee
32. river markets
33. giggles
34. fishing
35. riding 4-wheelers
36. mud riding
37. roses
38. daisys...the flowers and my d-o-g
39. dogwood trees
40. fish frys
41. yard sales
42. artichokes
43. pomegranates
44. old hymns
45. candles
46. the way a new book smells
47. smiles from a stranger
48. mice...not the real ones
49. mayo and tomato sandwiches
50. the way Britt's side of the bed smells
51. looking at old pics
52. happy tears
53. birdhouses
54. American flag
55. lipstick
56. shoes
57. unexpected words or gestures
58. hugs
59. kisses
60. holding hands
61. mama's fried chicken
62. lamps
63. roosters
64. toenail polish!
65. the way wood smells when you cut it
66. fireflies
67. real wood molding
68. freckles (this one took years!)
69. pirates
70. Bon Jovi
71. polka dots
72. paisley
73. choc. ice cream with lays potato chips
74. back massages
75. love letters.
76. wind chimes
77. compliments (we all do)
78. barefeet
79. box fans
80. tomato juice
81. friends- real ones and the ones who live inside my computer
82. funky socks! LOVE"EM
83. Sunday school
84. my mp3 player
85. purses
86. money
87. snowmen
88. Elvis
89. purple
90. green
91. black
92. suckers
93. When the bus kids say I love you Miss Lisa
94. water rides
95. photography
96. porches- big porches with chairs and a porch swing
97. sonic ice
98. snowcones
99. lemons
100. squirrels!!

Now I challenge you to do 100 things you love.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I'm not sure what's up with this once a week blogging, I remember when I'd blog daily sometimes more than once!

I went to the eye dr Wednesday and he says my eyes have gotten worse,wanted to know if I had been wearing my glasses all the He showed me what my vision looks like now compared to how it will look when my new glasses come in and man! I thought I could see. I now know I should be wearing them all the time.

Nikki left Tuesday night to go camping and stuff with a bunch of friends,they are in Illinois. From AR to camp? Anyway I've been lonely without her here. It'
s bad enough Kel lives 600 miles away and I miss her daily but this week I've been daughterless all the way around.
Ok pity party over on that one.

I've been feeding Nikki's puppies and boy are they hyper! They are mixed pups but so pretty and they both have one blue eye and one brown. That makes 4 grand dogs for me and no babies. I took a pic of her pups and sent it to her saying "We miss you, please come home." I figure that'll make her feel guilty since she felt bad for leaving them. I'm such a sweet mom.

I did pick a winner on the Higher Hope book giveaway, it was a lady from blogger that won. I'll be getting that book out this week Jessica. I only had 3 people enter the giveaway and wish I had 3 copies for all of you.

I made my first purse/tote that I actually like. I'm going to give it to one of my nieces for Christmas and make another for the youngest. If I can get my camera to cooperate I'll add a pic. I also made my friend Alicia a glass tile necklace with the word friend out of an old dictionary on it. We have been friends since jr high and her birthday is at the end of August.
That brings me to my next giveaway! This will be a giveaway with a domino pendant or pin,you can choose and several other things that I'm keeping a secret for now. The 2 domino pendants I'm showing on the blog are not mine, I liked them and borrowed the pics so you could have an idea what I was talking about. (I love the socks with the red shoes)

1. So if your interested leave a comment and your name will be added for the giveaway.

2. For an extra entry blog about this giveaway and leave a separate comment letting me know you blogged about it with the link.

3. If your on blogger follow me and y
ou get an extra entry.

My scrabble tile pendant! I love how it turned out but this is a bad pic.

These pics came messed up from Multiply...sorry if they don't make sense!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The winner is...

McAuliffe Bunch said...

Sounds intriguing! Count me in.

I'll be emailing you soon so be on the look out!

I'll start by saying I didn't realize it was book two in a series. I thought I would never be able to know what was going on without reading book one but I was wrong. You can keep up and the book was very good.
Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow (who by the way reminds me of John Grisham) is a crime drama and a christian fiction book.

book description
Tami Taylor faces impossible challenges in life, law, and love--until she discovers a higher hope.

In historic Savannah, Georgia, a prestigious law firm assigns law clerk Tami Taylor to a libel case against a humble street preacher whose disciples claim she has uncanny prophetic abilities. Taylor's strict religious upbringing proves to be the firm's ace-in-the-hole as the case grows increasingly complex.

When Tami begins to date one of the firm's lawyers, her convictions and litigation skills are put to the test. Turns out this case will require more than legal maneuvering, but also the summoning of a greater hope than Tami has ever known.

This is a very good book and I plan on buying book 1 and reading the others as they come out. I highly recommend Higher Hope by Robert Whitlow.
Would you like to review a book...or two? Visit Thomas Nelson and find out how.

I will also be giving this book away on August 8 to one lucky person who comments!
Please remember I have this posted on 2 sites, Multiply and BlogSpot so the winner can come from either one.