Monday, August 31, 2009

MEme Monday!

My friend Supah is starting MEme Monday! You should seriously check her out cause the cjick is f.u.n.n.y!

Her first is

Five quirks about MEme.

SO here's 5 of mine.

1. I really really hate feet over the age of 5 years. They are gross and stinky and nasty. Now I love my feet rubbed but please do not ask me to do yours cause it ain't happening. My girls still try to get there feet on me and jump back before I hit their toes with a knuckle.

2. Needles are B.A.D.
I have a thing about them,don't want them near me,can't watch people on tv get a shot even. They are defiantly a necessary evil.

3. Snot, You know these snotty little kids that run around? They have it blowing bubbles from their noses,running into their mouths and usually across one sleeve or God forbid their arm. I can wipe my kids snot all day but do not want someone elses kids snot on me. BLAH!

4. Boxes in the trash can. WHY can't someone break them down? They take up so much room and all I ask is for someone to break them down. :(

5. Spiders...I'm sure this isn't a quirk really but a phobia...same difference. I really am scared of them. I know they are aliens. One can get on me and I will freeze up and cry like a baby. They are not normal...aliens I tell you.


MommyBrain said...

Hey there :) Thanks for playing along with me and Supah ... your quirks are so cute! I hear ya with the whole snot bubbles and boxes in the garbage - ugh! I also don't mind changing the poopy diaper of my own kid, but I hate doing it for other people's kids!

Good to "meet" you ... I'll be back to read more posts :)

Yara said...

spiders are evil! I totally agree! **shudder**
I think I have some not-broken down boxes in my trash can right now. Sorry

SupahMommy said...

eww boogers..

my pet peeve is boogery kiddos.

wipe that sh*t mom PUHLEASE.

Like especially the flourescent green ones.. and your all moving your kids to the side... " now, let's go.. move it... hand sanitzer.. now.. I SAID NOW. DON'T ASK WHY."


boxes. I swear ... my husband wouldn't smoosh a box, a milk jug or a snack box if his LIFE DEPENDED ON IT. I should booby trap the garbage.. so should you. Perhaps next monday we'll do that and report in.

;) thanks for participating in our Monday MeMe fun. My little favorite kizzzzzzzznickel.


Rhonda said...

Number 5 just cracked me up! Stopping by to say "Thanks so much for the Bounce Bar coupon!" I can't wait to go shopping this weekend for it!

Kelly said...

Your quirk about the feet reminded me of how much I hate arm pits. They are gross and should never be seen in public!

carma said...

I've always had a foot phobia. Only had a pedicure once. And touching other people's feet just creeps me out; especially when their toenails rub up against you *shudders*

Amen on the snotty noses. The only thing worse is the sound of boogers constantly being sucked up because people are too lazy to get a tissue!!!!

SupahMommy said...

Your are exclusively invited back!! my little kizznickel.

All About MEme Monday: Prompt

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