Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was going to do absolutely nothing productive or resembling work today.
I was going to read in my book.
I was going to watch tv.
I was going to nap on the couch.
I was not going to cook. And I'm still not,we're having salad and sourdough bread.

All the others like the book,the tv and the nap...didn't get done.
Instead I organized my fabric.
I made 2 coupon organizer holders.
I brightened up my old window on the wall.
I made a domino necklace for the giveaway Carma won.
I made some marble magnets.

I washed cl
othes. (I LOVE my new bounce dryer bar!)
I learned what to baste on fabric meant...been doing it all alone and didn't know.

I stayed in my pj's all day while doing this.
I didn't comb my hair!
I didn't apply make-up.
I DID brush my teeth.

Maybe Monday I'll do the nap,book and tv.

#1 coupon organizer. Not real happy with this one but it will work to be my first!

Inside of #1
Not finish with the sewing on it with this

Inside #2 I like this one better.

Outside, I used velcro in stead of a button on this one.

I got the ideal of making this from my new friends at The Seam Rippers. Her's turned out so much better than mine!

This is my favorite thing I did today. I wanted some color in the dining/sewing/computer room so I took my old window frame
that was Britt's gramdmas and added scrapbook paper to the panes.
That's my memaws baby sitting in his grandmas window. Lower right hand pane,it was homemade and priceless to me.

Y'all have a great weekend!


Rhonda said...

You are too funny lady! We always say that we are gonna rest, but we never really do. Well at least you got a lot done and even though you didn't get all prettied up to do it, hey, at least your breath didn't smell bad. =P Those coupon organizers are just too cute, but that window frame has got to be the cutest little idea. I love it!

Nanci said...

Sometimes working on something creative is just as, if not more, relaxing and refreshing for me as a day of doing nothing. Doing nothing often makes me even more sluggish.

Your coupon organizer is a great idea!

LeLe said...

I love the fabric of your coupon organizers. That bias tape/border fabric is a booger to work with, isn't it? Those window panes look great!

B Lines said...

Isn't it crazy that when you think you want to rest and just be lazy, all kinds of things come to mind that you want to do instead? It's like the thought of no responsibilities births the desire to do all kinds of things.

I love love love the window! I've seen scrapbook paper framed and hung on the wall, but not in window panes. You rock.