Friday, August 14, 2009



I was reading a new friends blog yesterday and she was relating a convo she was having with her children,it's very funny in a way only she can be. It got me to thinking about the 2 bra stories in my life and thought I would share them.

My first story starts back in the old days...better known as the early 70's. There was a great mom who was shoppi
ng with her sweet daughter at Sears. (I believe) The sweet daughter was around 4 years old...and wanted a bra. Mom kept saying no and sweet daughter was upset. Voices were raised and people were listening. Mom says "You don't have anything to put in a bra!" Sweet daughter says "Well you don't either."

Needless to say others heard and mom was embarrassed. (Mama I hope I got it right) Yep I was ...ummm AM the sweet
daughter and must have been a brat that day to embarass my mama like that.

I apologize.

Fast forward about 20 years, I have a sweet daughter of my own and take her shopping in Target...where I worked...and was known. We pass by the lingerie dept and Kelly wants to go look. I tell her that's for women and we'll go look at the little girls. At this point because she's not getting her way (shame Kel) she is on the verge of throwing a fit and I'm threatening a spanking if she does. (yes I spanked my kids and they lived through them without being scarred for life.) The spanking scares her enough that our shopping experience is pleasant...until we get ready top check out and go back by the womens dept. At this point she's beggging to go look at the bras...loudly. I thought what can it hurt. As were in there she decides (again loudly) that she wants a bra. Of course I tell her no, I mean she is 4 years old. In her loud voice and if you know Kel she could and can be loud (I love ya baby) she yells "I want a bra and I want a red one!"
Now who's embarrased?
She cried for that red bra all the way to the car. "I wa wa want a re re re red br br br BRA!

KARMA people! Watch what ya WILL come back and bite ya.

The red bra child, see she's still a brat!


Rhonda said...

Oh Lisa, these stories were hilarious. Thanks so much for sharing them!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Too funny! Kids always come out with the funniest things as inapprorpaite times.

Sweet CuddleCakes said...

Cute story!!!! Thanks for the smile!