Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keeping my hands busy and my mouth SHUT!

I've been keeping busy... Last night I started this sign.
I still have a lot more to do with it. I need to add some burnt umber (love that stuff) and the back is going to say
Happy THANKS giving.

I already have 2 orders for some similar ones!
If anyone is interested in one I'll post a pic of the finished product HOPEFULLY by Saturday.  To get it by Christmas I need the orders to come in before Dec. 5.
It will be 2 signs in one...sorry can't get them out in time for Thanksgiving. If you want one to say something else let me know.
I think I want one that says Hippity Hoppity EASTER on one side and the other to say Happy Independence Day or Happy 4th of July.

I'm hoping after tomorrow I can open my mouth! I wanna soooo bad!

Have you heard about JAden?  Click on the button down there. My friend Supah is doing this so I'll let her tell his story. He is a sweet precious boy who is going through some serious stuff. Put him in your prayers and go check this bonanza  just might get a GREAT deal and just in time for Christmas!!

Click it!!


Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Awesome that you have some orders...TELL US ALREADY

Trac~ said...

Girl I don't know HOW you are doing it - come on and tell us already - we're dying to know as much as you are dying to tell us! HA! On another note - the signs are ADORABLE! :o)

Rhonda said...

That sign is just too cute!!! I love it.
I wanna know, I wanna know! Tell us woman! Tell us!

B Lines said...

Love these! Want to know how to do them too.

I'm patiently waiting on your sharing the secret....patiently waiting......waiting.....!!!!!!

Shell said...

That looks great!

And yes, we need to know your secret.

When I couldn't comment earlier this week, I was going to make a blog post that just said, I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LISA'S SECRET IS. LOL

Lisa said...

Thank you to all of you helping me keep my mouth shut... notice the sarcasm?
The news is out and I am shouting it loud!

SupahMommy said...

Is this what you're posting new! loves it! We'd love one for the auction. How about one that says

Happy Holidays
happy New Year?

So it's versatile for varying religions that might read?
Can you do that? IF not it's okay!

If this wasn't it.. lol.. sorry. :) Point me in the right direction.

Thank you for posting the jingle bell note!