Monday, November 16, 2009


With Supah and MommyBrain
Tell us about a time that you pulled off a MISSION that seemed IMPOSSIBLE.
 Tell us about a time that you tapped into your inner SpY self.
 Tell us who you'd like to SPY on  for a day and why!
 Tell us which Spy Hero  you love and why you'd make a good sidekick.
 What would your spy name be?
 James Bond
 Jason Bourne
Matthew McHey Hey   fine  * pout face
The Mission IMpossible Guy:  Ethan Hunt!
 Get Smart Dude AUstin Powers 
You may re-work it however you'd like. :) 
I'm going to tell about the time I played spy and it changed my life-
It was October of 2004,I was here in Arkansas and my husband was working at the Nuclear plant in Florida. I had just left there about 4 weeks earlier and about 2 weeks before this spying I noticed he was acting.... different.  
We USE to talk on the phone a lot.
We USE to talk several times a day.
He USE to call while he was at work
...not so much now.

SO...One night I was sitting at home thinking what the crap and decide dto get online and look up his cell calls.
Ever heard the saying if you look hard enough for something

I found that he had several...ok A LOT of calls going to this one particular number in Miami...he was in Homestead. I sat there and got madder and madder by the minute second.
I call the number and get voicemail...yep it is a lady, a woman, a wench.

I leave a message and was nice about it...really I was.

I kindly said that I noticed her number on my cell bill 32 times and didn't recognize it. Could she please call me back so I could get this straightened out.
She didn't call back, She called Michael in stead.

It just so happen I was on the phone with him and she beeped in. We were not discussing what I had found, I was trying to wait until she called that ever happen. So she beeps in and he says he has to go.... *Grrrrr*

The next morning he calls wanting to know if we had a trust issue.
Needless to say he never came "home" to my house again except months later to get his stuff. He still says he swears nothing happened but the one thing he said to me that I will never forget was when I accused him of sleeping with they wouyld have slept.
His exact comment was " I haven't f...ed her YET.
That told me everything I need to little word.

Good riddance to bad rubbish and all that.

That was one of my spy moments that totally changed my life.



Anonymous said...

Hmph. Interesting. This is Kel BTW. I don't have a sign in. Michael is no good.

MommyBrain said...

I say GOOD FOR YOU! That spying paid off in a big way! I can't even imagine seeing that repeated number ... and just knowing - in the pit of your stomach. Ugh!

I am sure that aftermath was devastating and tough and heart-breaking ... but in the long run ... you're so right ... good riddance! And hip, hip, hooray for finding your true love and best friend :)

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That sucks! I have had several of those types of things with boyfriends, never husbands. My husbands just sucked on principal alone.

Shell said...

Way to kick ass and find out the truth...and better your life in the process.

SupahMommy said...

awww sweet mama what a great story!! I loved it.. lady, woman, wench

carma said...

Good thing you played super sleuth on this one. What an idiot! YET?