Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

1. I picked up my treadmill today. It's still in the back of the truck but at least it is at my house.

2. A lady I knew a long time ago (she was my SIL's sister) seen my post on FB and called and said I could have it!

3. Nikki goes back to the dr. on the 10th. I get to go....excited!!

4. They are going to do another ultra sound...I was lucky to get one!

5. I started a blog for the baby,I have notes written to him/her and I will be copying them in the blog.

6. Only one is in there so far but if anyone is interested in reading the blog it is at -

7. On the right hand side it says followers...hint hint.

8. I got to drive the truck today. It likes gas better than my little car. I didn't feel like a weeble in it though.

9. I won 100 cards for my etsy shop from uprinting!!!
They are so cute.

10. I donated for Jaden Duttine's Jingle bell bonanza. I will be making a CUTE holiday sign so be sure and check it out!
Just click here

11. I only work 2...maybe 3 days next week! :)

12. I have 3 secret clinical $2.00 off coupons to give away.
I was sent a free sample and I loved this stuff!!

If more than 3 people say they want them I'll draw names. They expire 12-31-2009

13. The DIY showoff is having a giveaway celebration and she mentioned me on this post...I feel special. You guys go check it out and enter! There are so many great prizes to win!!!
You can click here to go straight to the giveaway



Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

So, I'm thinking of opening an etsy shop to sell my do you market though?? There is so much competition over there...

Trac~ said...

Hey Lisa - great post - can't wait to see the picture of the baby from the ultrasound! Congrats "grandma" - though I do have to admit you look WAY too young to be a grandma so soon! :o) Big hugs!

Shell said...

I'll have to check out your blog for your grandbaby- what a sweet idea.

I love Secret Clinical Strength- because unfortunately, I SWEAT.

The DIY Show Off said...

You sure do keep busy! And NO way you're going to be a grandma! I don't believe it!!

Thanks for your generosity in the giveaway - hoping to send some shoppers your way!

and thanks so much for your vote too! ;)

B Lines said...

I originally thought to write a journal to my grandbaby. I started, and wanted it handwritten because I love seeing my ancestor's handwriting so much. Unfortunately, after two days, I ran out of things to say. I couldn't think of topics that the child wouldn't roll its eyes at. I might try again. Maybe you will inspire me....

FYI, I first posted this comment to your baby blog, then decided it wasn't to your baby, so it needed to be moved here. I'll say hi to the baby now....