Wednesday, November 25, 2009


...and I just ate a big Chinese dinner. I am now making chicken and dressing and cake balls. I am suppose to be making peas and sweet potatoes....I'll get there.

Back to these cake bqlls...
I read scanned the recipe and thought oh how easy....NOT.

Don't scan a recipe because you miss important info like....freeze the balls BEFORE dipping them in chocolate. Grrr Look at them. So sad.

They do taste good.
I have a chocolate cake ball mix in the fridge...I'm going to do this one right.

Kinda looks nasty but I swear if I wasn't full of chinese I'd eat it with a spoon...just like that.

By the way...Speaking of eating,I think I gained 5 lbs yesterday while eating a early meal with Britt's parents...tomorrow I go to my parents! I have challenged myself to see how much weight I can lose between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
I start ends Christmas Eve.
I need to be held accountable so I'm going to post on here about it....anyone wanna do it with me?

Next weekend is our ladies shopping trip to Branson!! We are having a Christmas kitchen towel exchange. Here's mine...what do ya think? Would you wanna get these?  They haven't been ironed yet so kinda look beyond that. They are made out of flour sacks I bought at the Dollar store.
3 for $3!


Now to go finish my dressing! YUM!


Let me know if any of the 4 of you wanna do the challenge....or need to... like me.


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

I think your Christmas towels are Awesome!! Love them! Yummm on the cake balls, I have been wanting to try them and still haven't gotten around too it! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

B Lines said...

Loving the towels!!! And yes, I NEED to lose weight, but since I've been trying since oh....July... with no luck, I won't commit.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

carma said...

excellent job on the christmas dish towels! I'd eat those chocolately things no matter what they looked like! nom nom nom

pls stop by my place and add your fond Thanksgiving memory :D