Tuesday, September 29, 2009


1. I woke up this morning not wanting to do ANYTHING...I seen Cheryl on FB and she was talking about TTT on 360 and missing it so here I am.

2. My legs have gotten to where they ache and feel heavy,especially at night. If I lie on
one side to long it is painful to that leg to turn over. I was reading up on my meds side effects and that is a side effect on the fluid pill. I think I'm going to cut it down although I already take a low dose.

3. While I'm doing NOTHING today I need to put all the new stuff in my etsy. I have given myself a d
eadline of Oct. 1st...that is getting pretty close. Might not have time any other day this week.

4. The weather here is so pretty
. Doors and windows are open and it is cool even though the sun is shining.

5. Kelly is talking about driving ho
me for Christmas by herself...if the weather is good. I don't know how stressful that will be for her but I do for me. She'll do good... :)

6. Daisy is feeling much better.
her couch is almost gone. She is going to have to take a fluid pill for the rest of her life though.

7. Nikki is doing good. She called e
arlier and was gripping about having to pay personal taxes. :) She said " she always wondered what we meant when she was little and we would talk about bills,she wish she still wondered about it instead of knowing." LOL

8. Our lottery started yesterday. I haven't heard anything about people winning yet.Proceeds go the
education in Arkansas.

9. Linzy is in band,I don't think
he is to excited about it though. He chose the trumbone...this ought to be interesting! :)

10. I did it! 10... now I need to
go make some hair pins and button up my flowers. OH! I need a name for my fabric flowers. I've been thinking of a few and wanted some opinions.
1. The Roxie (after my memaw)
2. The Caprice (which is another word for whimsy)
3. The Joli (pretty in french)

or if you have any suggestions tell me PLEASE!


SupahMommy said...


it looks joli

I LOVE NAMES.. comign up with them... you should go with fiction names from famous works of literature..

i wouldn't know any .. lol.. but just sayin..
like english names and such...

carma said...

If your lottery ends up like the education lottery in our state, prepare for disappointment. I don't think much of the money goes to education unfortunately :-( The schools are still in pitiful shape.

Ah yes, when kids learn about taxes. Fun stuff. I'm always telling my son to fully enjoy his childhood because before long, he'll be experiencing all the "joys" of adulthood ;-)