Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1. I know I'm a little late on my Tuesday thoughts but I feel like I have been late for a week now so it will be ok...promise.

2. I FINALLY figured out a way to recycle some of my old business cards. I have around 300 and did not want to just throw them away. Check out picture below.
Just decoupage a pretty paper to it an
d use it for Mimis Corner!

3. Those are cute little bobby pins that have not been put in the shop yet but I will soon. I also have some wi
th tee-ninee fabric flowers on them to be added soon.

4. I'm going to make a quilt...soon, hopefully. I have lots of fabric in strips and bagged by colors so I have the first step started. It looks like a lot of fabric but I know it isn't enough yet.

5. Patrick Swayze died and I knew it was coming but it made me sad. Of all the "famous" folks that died this y
ear I think he made me the saddest.

6. It is raining HARD again... has been for days now. Better than 95 degree temps.

7. We are having a revival at church. Bro. Bill Lystlund is preaching and he is WONDERFUL! If you ever ever ever get a chance to hear this man preach GO.

8. I just started the 10th book in the Left Behind series. I read #9 in less than 24 hours...yes,it was that good. I am going to feel like family members died if I ever finish this s

9. OH I also have baby clippies going in the shop soon too. See....

I am not liking the pics my camera is taking...or is it the operator?

10 I made it..yep that is a thought! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.


SupahMommy said...

yes the pics are blurry!
i visited your shop and left you a note.

carma said...

great idea about re-using the business cards. I've got a bunch too- more than I could use in this lifetime.

With the blurry photos, I think you are holding the camera too close; try stepping back and zooming in and they should be much more clear. Then crop the photos to get closer. hope this helps.