Monday, September 14, 2009

MEme Monday

I'm once again participating in MEme Monday! 
You should go check it out at SupahMOmmys or MommyBrains
Today our MEme is all about-
FIVE "breathtaking" white LIES YOU'VE TOLD.
( Ode to Seinfeld Episode) 
I like to think I do not lie....but it doesn't always work. so here are the ones I can think of.
1. When I see some proud mama,g'mama,aunt....whatever. and they are holding an UGLY 
baby. (Don't look like that,you know there are some UGLY babies out there.) I can not say "what a pretty baby...I don't wanna lie. So in stead I comment on their hair oe their outfit. Like..." LOOK at all that hair! WOW!" or "That has got to be the cutest lil dress."
So I'm not actually lying...unless the baby has no hair or it's outfit is UGLY too.
2. I have this lady I work for...she is like 162 years old and I really do care about her. That is no white lie...really. Cause if I didn't care for her I would not be workking at her house. It is bad! She tells me I know I'm lazy. I have days when I'm suppose to go there and I will find something to do and go somewhere home. I was suppose to do her house last Wed. and didn't. I told her Thurs. and didn't...she is so sweet and I now feel awful cause I make up things to tell her so I don't have to do her house. I'm suppose to go tomorrow....Lord give me strength.

3. Bums.
I HATE getting out of my car and having someone who probably makes more $$$ than me asking for "change" to get something to eat. I tell them "I'm sorry I NEVER carry cash on me." I told one guy (cause he really looked hungry) I would go get him aburger if he would wait right here...he told me nevermind. 
I thought he was hungry!
Anyway..If you see me and want some change...I am going to lie to you and hope yur not one of God's angels.

4. Messenger,FB chat, Multiply chat...whatever chat I am always off line... as far as people can see anyway. I have had people start talking to me and totally ignore them acting like I don't see it. I just don't care for chatting to much.
Just so ya know I don't ALWAYS do this...just sometimes.

5. Like Supah...I use to lie to my kids when they were little. 
-The little pony at the supermarket that eats quarters? He was broke ALL THE TIME> I would wait in car til a kid got off of it so the girls wouldn't know.
- Those balloons that some stores give kids? They would mysteriously come untied oncve we were outside and float away. I hated them in the more thing to fight over.
-Little quarter machines at the doors of stores witht he little toys that you step on and it HURTS!... broke all the time. 

#1 that they will always remnember is the phrase- "we'll see" We would never see. That was a no plain and simple but they fell for it for a long long time. After they got older they would tell me mama that means no.

Ok that's all I got! I'm going to try to go visit!


Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Haha...I do 1 and 4 also! :)

SupahMommy said...

LIsa! Those were hilarious!!

THE FB CHAT.. oh my.. I NEVER thought of that but I do the EXACT SAME THING. I'm usually on a mission when i'm on my computer... and i don't chat. :)

The baby one.. oH MY WORD.. that was sooo funny.> Dont' you ever come visit my baby!!! loll

'she has sooo much hair.. lOL!!" that was classic cuz you know.. god bless america.. some babies .. will be cuter when they're 'older.'.

THANK YOU FOR playing!! So glad you did.. SEE.. WHAT YOU CAME UP WITH when pressed!!

Rhonda said...

These were great and oh so funny! No.3-Bums. Been there, done that.

Chief said...

hey, thanks for stopping by! this is fun. I am guilty of every single one of yours!

MommyBrain said...

Oh your number 1 had me cracking up and realizing that I do the same thing - comment on the hair or outfit or toes ... if I have to! But I will not say, "She's so cute," because that's like an insult to all the babies who are cute ... ya know?!

Thanks for playing along again this week. You're good at this ;)

ItsKelly said...

I can so relate to #4. I don't chat and I can ignore that pop up window for-e-vah!

Epiphius said...

I totally hear ya on the ugly babies! Chatting too! I don't have it sent to away, but I usually ignore it.

SupahMommy said...

All About MEme Monday:
Five TV shows that I shall watch this season: and no one BEST INTERRUPT MEme.

Come join us if you have time!
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