Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DAY 6 and Ten thought Tuesday

Over at multiply I do a TTT or Ten thought Tuesday, I thought I'd add it over here.

I have pics from my day but my connection keeps breaking up so hopefully they post later...

1. I got 1 whole wall stained today. Britts going to put the wood up tomorrow. Were getting closer and closer to moving in to our room!

2. I went to get a wash cloth out of the bathroom and a splinter about half an inch long with UNDER my thumb nail! OUCH, that is painful....still.

3. Minwax is very stinky and I think it is killing my brain cells.

4. I made beef stew for the first time in probably 20 years today. It turned out delicious if I say so myself. I also made cornbread with onions and cheese...oh my, it was so good. I haven't had bread in a week and I'm telling you it was SO SO SO good.

5. Good thing I got 30 minutes on the elliptical tonight after that meal.

6. We have 2 brush piles to burn and it keeps raining. One is HUGE and Britt has been adding to it for many years. Might need to buy hotdogs that night!

7. I've been making bookmarks, I'm in a swap where that's what were swapping so I'm learning as I go. Magnetic bookmarks are really neat.

8. We got The Dark Knight in the mail today!

9. BUT Nip/Tuck comes on tonight and I can't get in to a movie...might miss Christian!

10. We also got Jumper, anyone seen that one? Is it any good?

TIME 30 minutes


Lindsay said...

Hi there!!
Which swap is it that we're both in?
Pleased to e-meet you!