Monday, January 12, 2009


You can't tell very well but this is my African Violet and it's BLOOMING! Yay me...I have always killed these in the past. This one has been alive for almost a year now.

Just a quick update on my exercising...I skipped day 10 because I was sick but I did do 27 minutes last night. (day 11) I know 27 minutes is a crazy number to stop at but I honestly couldn't/wouldn't go any further. I am feeling a lot better today though so I will try to go past 30 minutes tonight.

I didn't have to work today because I had to go get my yearly mammogram. My mom ask if it has never hurt me. I guess you have to be a bit more voluptuous than me for the mammogram to hurt or be uncomfortable. Anyway it's over and now I just have to wait for the reults. Ladies go get yours!

+This thing? I'm not sure what it is really but a few years ago a lady at church who had me for a hidden honey gave it to me for Valentines day filled with goodies. I haven't done anything with it since so I was thinking of selling it on Etsy. I just need to know what it's called, it's homemade and really cute.

Do you and your spouse trade Valentine's gifts? Last year we didn't but the year before my hubby bought me one of those jewelry armoires,, he got home about midnight after work and put it together and I seen it when I got ready for was a huge surprise.

My dad said Valentines were for boys to get their sweethearts something so I haven't ever been big on getting my husband something. How do you celebrate that holiday?

DAY 10

TIME o minutes

DAY 11

TIME 27 minutes


Sarah and Jack said...

I am in the midst of killing another african violet right now. LOL