Friday, January 2, 2009

A nice surprise (day 2)

I had a nice surprise today! I was fixing my coffee and getting ready to go to work,I had 2 houses today. My phone rings and one of the houses says don't come today,we're taking all our trees down! I was happy,a Friday that wasn't filled with work. So in stead I go to my parents and walking in the woods with my nephew and dad. It was a nice peaceful day.
I did exercise today but no I did not want to. I need an exercise buddy!!
Tomorrow I'll be making new signs and maybe cleaning off the fence line...if it doesn't storm like they are calling for.
....til later.

Day 2
Time 20 minutes


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Lisa, thanks for stopping by & for leaving a comment. So nice to meet you & how fun that you have the same vac. that I just bought. I really think I'm gonna enjoy it & I'm with you, I would probably love a Dyson, but wouldn't want to pay for one. This one is just fine for us, we don't have kids or pets here. Please come back & visit me again!