Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just another Saturday and a future giveaway!

Just another Saturday here in South Arkansas, I still have my pj's on....shhhhh.
I'm really not sitting around being lazy though. I finished staining the rest of the walls in the new living room.

I added a few brooches to my etsy, you can see them on the side over there. I have a really cute Cupid brooch if anyone is interested.

I thought having an etsy would be sooo easy, it's hard work! Getting all your pics and adding them and hoping your wording everything so that people will be interested enough to look closer. I have more things to put in the shop but not enough time to list them. I'm apparently horrible at taking "good" pictures! How in the world do you people photograph jewelry? Mine look terrible.
I want to make some more handpainted signs and put them in the shop also...again when I find time.

Tonight we are having steak quesadillas, I love some Mexican food and will start cooking about 4pm central time so if anyone has an advice on making great quesadillas let me kjnow by then please!

Ok I have to go get steaks out of freezer, you guys have a great weekend and make sure and come back, I plan on having a Pay it Forward giveaway Tuesday!


Rose Haven said...

I thought I'd stop by and say "hi"! Your armoire turned out beautifully...and now I'm looking at your jewelry.

Apparently, you don't have a camera that takes close-ups. That would take care of the blur. On most indoor shots, if you take them in a sunlit (partially or fully) room, no need to take a flash. I used to sell on eBAY and took all my photos in my kitchen and dining room...which both face north. I never used flash. It causes things to glare. And taking pictures with lights on in the room...that doesn't "help" either. It turns photos a candlelight color. LOL!!!

I use a FUJI FinePix S700 and it has 2 close-up settings...and it works wonderfully. I've been using it about a year now...and love it!


Brooke said...

my sister just does a simple quesdilla but its yummy - she uses bbq sauce on her meat, then adds cheese, butters the tortilla and shoves them in the oven.