Saturday, January 1, 2011

What I want for the New Year

Maybe that should read... WHAT do I want for the New Year?

I know some things I want, like-
*a closer walk with God
*family always near and enjoying one another.
*a healthy happy grandson
*good health....for all

The thing I don't know about is my job.
I've had my house cleaning business for almost 9 years. Since Nov. I lost a house to their finances, to the 95 year old being randy, to one moving out of state and knocked 2 down from once a week to every 2 weeks.
Its starting to hurt me financially. I'm not sure if its losing the work or Christmas actually.
My dilemma is I've been wondering if this is all I wanna do.
Or do I want to do something else???

Working for myself is sometimes good and sometimes not so good.

*I make my own hours
*No boss
*Easy to rearrange jobs if I have an appt or just need off.
*Half days
*being able to see Drex most days and spend some one on one time at least once and usually several times a week.

*Being my boss (I'm hard on me)
*This darn AS and fibro (although the activity probably helps)
*Driving a lot to different area every day
*gas prices

I'm sure I had other reasons I can't think of right the question remains-
Do I want to do something different or get a few new houses and keep doing what I'm doing now?

......I don't know.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.
Prov 3.5-6
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Shell said...

I hope you figure it out! Love your new look, btw!

Adoption of Jane said...

Look how big the baby is!!! Too cute! Happy New Years and hope you fig it out!

gayle said...

Not sure what you should do! I do know what you do is very hard work! Your little guy sure is growing!

Jessica Jones, ATL Mom of 3 said...

What a sweet boy!

I totally understand the working for yourself issues! I teach piano lessons and when I first started I had people paying weekly but then they would reschedule at the last minute so then I would suddenly not get paid the money I was expecting. I decided to start charging monthly...but then I lost a couple clients. I could def. use some more but then that takes more time away from the kids...but it still beats a REAL job!

Good luck on making that tough decision...and if you have some free time you can come to Atlanta and clean my house : )

Rhonda said...

Hopefully you will get the answer that you are looking for soon. Just pray on it and he will see to it that you have what is best for you.