Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HOG ball!! SUGAR bowl

WOooooooHOoooooo!! The Hogs are playing Ohio tonight in the Super Bowl!!
PIG Soooooooie!!!!

A lady in the stands was holding a sign that said-
"It takes a MALLET to crush a buckeye!"

So true!! Come on Ryan Mallet show them how its done!
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Trac~ said...

WOOO PIG SOOIE!!! GO HOGS! That touchdown is the way to come back and answer their first one! GO PIGS!!!!

Oka said...

:( You'd really like to crush me huh? With a mallet none the less.

Janie B said...

It's looking pretty bad right now, but at least we are coming up. Only down 10 at this point. Very exciting! Basketball Hawgs lost tonight. Geesh!

Oka said...

Baby Girl is running around the house this morning singing "O-H" with the echoing of GW "I-O"

Shell said...

Don't hate me for not watching the game or knowing who won.

All I know about it is that Darius Rucker sang the national anthem. LOL