Thursday, December 30, 2010

My blog, Christmas and internet

It seems like forever since I have actually blogged! Between our internet limit and arthritis I just haven't wanted to get online. The more I move the less I hurt....maybe I need a laptop and a I can get a lot done then!
Britt went an got a new internet plan so we now have 10 GBs which doubles what we had, if we run out now someones just done to much! He also got the verizon mifi so we can have internet to 5 things at once but we haven't figured out how to use it yet so we still unhook from one to go to another.

I think the only resolution I have this year is to blog more. I miss it and I really miss the friendships I have formed on here. I do read your blogs still n the bb but rarely comment. Bad friend!

Chevy snoozing after all the excitement! He's as big as Drex!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We had a great one. Christmas Eve was kinda busy since we had to go to my mILs and then to my moms but it was so much fun it was worth the body being wore out! Kelly and Drex stayed with us on the 23rd and went to MILs on the 24th. Nikki and Chris had to work. We played dirty santa and I got a wrap/blanket/throw and LOVE it! Its furry on one side and red on the other. Drex got a dog that sings Jesus loves me and he loved that. I sing that song to him all the time so he knew it.

We also played Dirty Santa at my parents and there was a lot of us so it was loads of fun. I got a zebra throw and a bath and body fragrance thingy that plugs into the wall...smells good! I made hats for the nieces and nephews and they seemed to go over well.
My nephew Ty with his hat on. That's his dad and my brother behind him,Steve

Me (looking wore out!)Drex and Britt

Christmas day it was our kids and Drex's other set of grandparents at my house. We grilled and opened presents and Drex sat up for the first time! He acted like it was no big deal until we got excited and started yelling yay! and he grinned and kicked his feet and fell over. It was nice to share his first Christmas with his nana and grampa, hopefully that's something that can become a tradition.
KK and Drex chewing on their fingers, his favorite past time.

Ok I'm going to visit a few blogs and then cook supper...hoping I haven't lost any friends!!

Drex with his mama and daddy

My kids practicing their Bells Palsy faces...well Kels not practicing.


singedwingangel said...

Ok the last pic cracked me up. It is good that she has a sense of humor about it.. Looks like ya'll had a ton of fun and nope I am still here

Oka said...

okay, I missed something...when did you get a new look???

Sound like a wonderful Christmas. How is Kel's Bell's Palsy doing???

{Simply} BC said...

I love the new look! :) And these pictures are just too cute! I'm glad you had a great Christmas. Many blessings for the new year!

gayle said...

So glad you had such a great Christmas! I never thought of having my daughters in laws over! Good idea!

Rhonda said...

Awww I have missed your blogs. I'm so glad that you decided to post. I love all of the family photos and I am so happy to hear that your Christmas went so well. The last photo is a hoot!