Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have you ever tried scented oils?

When I was blogging at Multiply I met Sousonne and although I don't blog there any more we are still friends on facebook.She is a sweet lady and one of the people I would love to meet IRL one day.

Sousonne has the fabulous oils that she sells.Her website Forest of Light has all the info but here's a bit from it.-
We have found a wonderful supplier who has their own labs and has created oil fragrances that were "INSPIRED BY" designer type fragrances out on the market. They also provide us with essential oils like lemon base, lavender, tea tree, etc, and imported oils from around the world like Arabian Rose, Indian, Tunisian, Egyptian and Arabian Sandalwood, African Dewberry. These oils are high quality, Grade A oils, and have an unlimited shelf life as long as you keep them out of the sunlight, and away from a lot of heat.
At this time, we're offering dram-sized bottles for a very low price, so that you will be able to afford to experience these wonderful scents at a fraction of the cost of "designer fragrances", which, by the way all contain alcohol and have shelf lives (expiration dates, required by the government!). Our oils are pure, and contain NO alcohol or water. They are very concentrated, and a couple of little drops is all you need for the entire day. Yes...a little goes a long way!
Legally, (SEE DISCLAIMERS BELOW), we aren't allowed to say that our "inspired by" fragrances are "exactly" like the trademark designer type versions on the market....and to some who revel in buying only designer, perhaps they aren' will have to be up to you to decide. I can only tell you that from what I havepersonally compared and what others with whom I've share, who have originals, have found when they've compared, they're pretty darned close!
Of course our imported oils are superb, exotic and unique in their own ways. Some of my customers even purchase a variety of fragrances, and then mixed their own combination into a bottle. A good vanilla with a touch of lavender is wonderful....other imported fragrances, like one of the rose oils, mixed with one of the musks is amazing too. You can actually create your own signature scent! (LOL..just make sure you take notes when you're making it!)

She sent me 2 bottles of oil and some small examples. The bottles were Tunisian Jasmine and Tunisian Amber. They smell wonderful! I love amber scents and this one stays with you and it really does only take a small amount. I put just a dab on both sides of my neck and I could still smell it when I got ready to take my shower that night after wearing it all day!

You can also use the oils in your bath water, a few drops in an oil diffuser and if you make soap or candles you can use it in those too.

Not only do the oils smells yummy they are very affordable. 
At this time with the exception of a few, most of these dram bottles will be sold for $4.50 + $1.50 shipping and if you would like to try before you buy you can get 
samples that  will consist of FOUR one inch glass sample vials with about 5 drops of oil in each. You choose which four you want to experience. The vials have a plastic stopper with a little built in wand for application. The cost of one order of 4 samples is $2.50. This price includes the shipping. 

SEE! Very affordable and they last a very long time.

So go visit Forest of Light and check out all the oils she has available...I'm sure you will find several you would like to try.

If you do purchase some please let me know what you think and tell Sousonne I sent you!
Have you tried scented oils before?