Sunday, December 20, 2009

CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVING (comment to Shell)

My friend Shell posted on Santa Claus and his generosity. I wanted to comment but I'm still on the bb and can't so I'll blog.
Today afterr church we were sitting at my parents and Nikki said she didn't wanna be like some parents stressing out trying to get their kids all they wanted for Christmas.

She was taking about me.

She said she wanted to get like 3 presents and try to stick with it so she could get something nice and enjoy the holiday while not stressing, and teaching her child about the true meaning of Christmas at the same time.

I so wish I had done that.While growing up
I got mine most everything on their list and let me tell you those girls knew how to make a list.
I hate that they knew how I stressed and still do now because I feel like I cheat them now. I love that instead of being like me they learned from my mistake.
I'm all for the 3 gifts.
I think it teaches kids something.
I think kids don't appreciate things now days because we give them everything.
I think....know my kids make me proud for wanting to change the way I taught them to be at Christmas time.

In my defense I was a single mom for a long time with no help from their dad. I couldn't splurge on them except at Christmas.... But I wish I had done it different.

My net comes back Tuesday!!


carma said...

We don't go overboard either - and its made for a son who makes a very small list and is completely content with that...this year I had to keep asking him if there was anything else!! Yay for your net coming back Tues...

Shell said...

I get my very own post!

I do feel like I get my kids "a lot"- it's just that my definition of "a lot" is much smaller than most people's that I know.

Really, we usually have to prompt the boys to keep opening presents on their birthdays or Christmas- they will open something they like and just want to stop to play.

I might feel completely differently about all this if I had unlimited funds to spoil them rotten, I don't know.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I agree with you. Kids get everything. I have found that being single I try to make up for that by spoiling my kids. Not good, but they value people so much more, so something must be going right.

gayle said...

My kids got a lot for Christmas but still didn't get as much as all their friends so I didn't really feel that bad about it...they didn't get things during the year like some kids do...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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