Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I figured since my Wordless Wednesday (which is never wordless) messed up and didn't show the pic I would add a quick post to let yall know I have several giveaways coming up. I have good Fathers Day giveaway coming soon also.
Right now I have the 2 book giveaways that will be ending soon so if your interested you can find them HERE and HERE. They are both really good books. I didn't want to put either one of them down. The first one ends in 2 days! Low entries.

This weekend is our family reunion. I'm really excited since I will be seeing family I haven't seen in years! When my memaw passed away she had over 100 grandkids so you can imagine how many people could possibly show up.

Next weekend is Nikki's baby shower. She is miserable yall. Her feet and legs are so swollen (or as we say in Arkansas "She's all swolled up") and her back hurts. I know she'll be glad when Drex gets here and she can wear normal clothes again.

Kelly will be back home tomorrow to live!!!!

Ok I'm to try to read some blogs before my time is up!


Kmama said...

Poor Nikki. When I was preggo with buster, my feet swelled up overnight and throughout the day and I ended up with seven huge blisters on my feet. It was insane. I had to go buy some "wide" shoes to get me through the rest of the pregnancy. I couldn't just do sandals because it was Nov/Dec.

Rhonda said...

I feel for Nikki! I was the same way with all of my pregnancies. I swear I felt like a beached whale most of the time with all of the swelling. It will all be over soon and she will have that beautiful baby to hold in her arms.

I am sure that Kelly is glad to be back and I know that you are happy to have your daughter back around.

Enjoy your family reunion. I know that I really enjoy it when our family has one.