Thursday, May 27, 2010

Have you heard of Zany Dezines?

I just wanted to post about Brittany and Amber over at Zany Dezines. These two young girls are really talented and I have had the pleasure of getting makeovers from both of them!
First Brittany made over Kssnnikkel for me to hold me until I could win a make-over from Amber...I'm cheap like that. I loved what she did so much I didn't try to win a makeover.

Then Amber made over Letters to my GRANDbaby. I told her I wanted the alphabets and I didn't want it babyish and I liked robots. She gave me exactly what I wanted. I won this makeover from Supah.

If you haven't met these girls please go visit Zany Dezines and tell them Lisa sent ya. They can help with makeovers, card designs, buttons,headers...probably about anything you need...they might even do twitter backgrounds.


Ian said...

Yeah, they rock. Not a little. BUT ALOT!

Anonymous said...

That's why these girls are my bloggybffs. They are fantastic and I am super jealous of their skills!

Oka said...

I have used their talents countless times. Okay, if I tried real hard I could count...let's see
both my blogs -2
party invite -1
baptismal announcement- 1
door-hanger design- 1
post-it note-1

on order- greeting card design, postcard design, and twitter design-3

feel like I am missing something...maybe it is countless, LOL

carma said...

well they both did a fine job.

I'm in the middle of a makeover myself - I won one - I'm cheap like that too :D :D

Adoption of Jane said...

oooooooooh luvin the blog makeover!