Saturday, February 28, 2009

FREE Business cards

I was blog hopping earlier and seen where you could go to and make FREE business cards. I'm so sorry if I seen it at your blog and I'm not giving your name... I forget where I was.

I didn't need any new cards for Homemade Cleaning but I did get some for my etsy and blog. Sometimes people will ask where I blog at or what the link is to my etsy and now I can just hand them a card. :)

I did put my blogspot blog on the card in stead of Multiply because Multiply wants you to register before commenting and some folks don't wanna do that.

I did post 2 of the flowers on Etsy today so if your interested pop over there and check them out!


Today's blog is all about Jobs. I bet you thought it was going to be jobs that you have had or something like that but I decided to do things a little different. If you had the money and could hire 5 people to come into your home or yard and do five different jobs what would they and why?
Interested in joining Friday Five? Click the pic and it'll take you there.

1. I would hire someone to pull up all of this old carpet so I wouldn't have to help before the new carpet gets laid.

2. I would hire someone to lay a new floor in my kitchen cause I don't know when were going to find the time.

3. I would hire someone to dig the creek / branch bigger so it wouldn't flood my yard.

4. That someone would also build a bridge over the creek/branch.

5. Last not most important I would hire someone to get me organized! Me and my closets need it badly....b.a.d.l.y!

Monday, February 23, 2009

I think I'm going to have a giveaway just because.... and I need feedback!

My youngest niece,Kennedy, got the little pink and white with blue flowers.

I wanted to show y'all what I've been up to. I made up a bunch of these little fabric flowers and gave some to my SS class girls and my nieces. I also had one on Kel's tote. I added different things on the back to connect them to whatever your wanting to connect them to. Your hair,bags,jackets,dresses...etc.Most of them are approx.3 to 4 inches across and I can make them smaller or larger. I've gotten a lot of nice comments on them and some people said I should even make some up and sell them....So tell me what ya think? . If your interested in winning one leave me a comment saying add me to the giveaway and on March 1st I'll draw 3 names out of the hat and will make you one in whatever colors you want. This is one of my favorites...didn't give it away Sunday, I think it would look cute on a denim jacket.

One of the girls from my SS class snatched this one up quick, was wearing it in her hair went she went home.

Also if you want an extra entry post about this giveaway and let me know in a comment.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Five

This is one may be a hard one but I thought it might help us understand ourselves a little better. Name 5 things that you have said to some one that you wish you could take back. Remember to post your link. Have a great weekend and Happy Fiving.

Ok I haven't done Friday Five in a long time. I would go and decide to do another one when it would be a hard one! Here goes the way I honestly always try to think before I speak so I really don't have many of these....

1. I wish I had not said "I do" to my ex. I keep trying to find out what that whole relationship was for and can't figure it out.

2. I wish I had not told Nan " Call me if you need me" I wish I had just calle her to ask if she needed anything every day. One week after I said this she passed from cancer and I never got to see her again while she was alert.

3. I wish I had never said "I quit" to a man I babysat for in Reno...I still think about those 3 kids and wonder about them. In my defense it was icy on the roads and he got mad at me for calling and saying I couldn't make it. There were more words and I made my comment.

4. I wish I had never said "Please just don't treat the girls like they don't exist." I said this to my ex and he supposedly loved them...he calls maybe once a year now and lies while talking. He adopted my youngest....can't tell.

5. I wish I had not said " I'll do whatever you want ,lets sit and talk." to a "friend" who had a gun on me. I really wish I had knocked the un huh out of her. Then again if I had hit her she might have pulled the trigger!

Ok those are my words I wish I hadn't said...and you learned a little more about me that I haven't shared before.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My blogging?

It seems to get farther and farther apart. I actually do miss it but I just don't do it. *sigh*

Quick update! Kelly does not have to have surgery for the cyst! YAY!! She got a good report and dr. thinks they can treat it with meds. She's doing really good I think, she sounds like the old Kelly who grew up in my house. I don't like divorce...but some times some people are better off and I think Kel will be,I know she will. Her birthday is Monday,she'll be 23 so that means I'll be getting older. I never feel older on my birthday but twice a year I feel older when the girls have a birthday. That is not right!

Thanks to all the sweet comments and prayers for the girls.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is strange and mysterious...just like jelly beans.

It has been 8 days since I blogged... I remember when I would post every day,sometimes twice. I don't know why I wait so long any more.

Why the title? Well I just like that quote.I hope you ll have a wonderful Valentines Day.

I put some of these in the Etsy shop, I have a black one, red,blue and pink. The pictures don't do the colors justice. I also have a few things I need to identify, I know they are flowers but the technical word escapes me. I want to add them to the shop also but not sure how to identify them or even how much to ask.

A quick update on my daughters...The oldest is feeling much better, I think she just had this cold/sinus/allergy thing going around.

The youngest goes to the ob gyn Thursday, so we'll know more on that then. Hopefully they can get rid of the cyst with meds...can they do that? If she has to have surgery I reckon I'll be making the trip, can't let my baby have surgery without mama being there.

Has anyone else been having problem with their gmail account? I can't read my mail. It says loading and then it'll change to still working. It stays on still working until I get frustrated and click out.

Hope you guys have a great day!

Kelly's tote

I finally finished on Kel's tote. I'm not real happy with it but with every one I make I figure out an easier or better way to do something. Like this one was SUPPOSE to have interfacing but I forgot I bought some to do it has no interfacing and it really needs it.
I made these posy flowers for the button and to decorate the pocket, the one on the pocket is removable to wear on a jacket or tank top. So be honest and tell me what you think!

Well crap, I forgot to turn the pic...just turn your head to left....see it now?
The material on the outside is black with silver lines through it. The inside is whiye with blue flowers.

Little flower on pocket is removable to wear on something else.

Big posy for button closure.

Nikki is doing much better, she has called me a million times today...OCD! I wish she'd take meds like the dr wants her too. If she thinks I sound "weird" then she'll call over and over and over! I'm fine just been concentrating on sewing. *sigh*

Kelly is doing great! At least I hear great and she sounds wonderful. She goes to OB-GYN Thurs. and we will know more then. Thank you all so much for the prayers.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Here we go again!

My internet speed is killing me! It's at 24.0 mbps and the signal strength is sloooow. I don't care what anyone says satellite is just NOT faster than cable modem.

All of my giveaway winners have contacted me and 2 want the books and one wants a C, So I'm going to get those out Monday...The C may take a bit longer...please have patience! :)

I received 2 swaps in the mail! One (forgive me I have lost who gave it) was in a big box and you would have thought it was Christmas when I seen it on the front step! It was so full of a lot of goodies!! It had 8 stamps that say things like Enjoy life,Inspire,achieve... It had some bird chimes and a bird welcome plaque, frames,mouse pad...lots of goodies!

I also got a package from Julie on a no spend swap, she sent a fantastic package. tags, threads,ribbon,a pair of socks..just to name a few things. I love swap-bot...if you haven't checked it out you should!

Oh and I won in a craft it forward giveaway at Jessica's place, The Pelkeys, You should stop by and say hi to her! So I will be crafting it forward probably Tuesday so stay tuned and be one of the first 3 to comment!

I would like to ask for prayer for my daughters... My oldest is sick and on antibiotics and a pill for congestion and my youngest found out today she has a big cyst on her one of her ovaries. She goes Thurs. to the dr. and will know more. She's also 600 miles from me so it's hard when you can't be there. It might as well be 2000 miles between AR and KY!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pay it Forward giveaway WINNERS

OK! I have drawn the 3 winners and the way I am going to do the prizes is show you what I have and what I'm willing to do and if your one of the 3 winners then you can choose which gift you want. First come basis!

1st oiff I have this book, Lessons from a mothers heart. It's by Pamela Kennedy and I also have 4 Love inspired Suspense,inspirational romance, novels. That would be #2, the titles are
Deadly Reunion
Evidence of Murder
Perfect Target

#3 would be this sign (I forgot to turn it around) OR I have 2 blank signs (see next pic) that I would put what you want on them. Just let me know what you want and the colors.
The next 3 word signs are #'s 4,5 and 6. If you choose one of these let me know what colors you like.

I didn't turn the T around either.... If you want your initial make sure you let me know what color scheme you would like.

NOW...For the winners!

I love to cook for families who are experiencing a tradegy :( Often they have no idea the meal has come from me.

I am happy to pay it forward with your gift.


I've been on both ends of the pay it forward movement. I have given someone in line in front of me the extra money they needed to pay for their groceries if they went over what they had, amongst other things. Then this last Christmas, my family had fallen on very hard times and someone came through for us and made sure my children had a Christmas presents and dinner.

I paid the toll for the person behind me for a solid week, a different person each time. I'll never know their moment of happiness, but it was fun.

Ok guys I'm going to email you, If you see it here first then let me know what you want! Please remember to do a Pay it Forward blog!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. You guys made me laugh and cry many times over. It's so nice to see there are many caring people out there.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Here's some of the millinery flowers that were in the big box of goodies I bought.
I'm going to add them to my etsy when I get the time.

The roses measure approx. 10 inches across.

A few years ago my bestfriends mom passed away and she gave me 2 sets of her sheets. They are 100% cotton and have a high thread count...they are heavenly! I changed the sheets just now and put some on the bed....

They feel so inviting....

This is where I'm heading.