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originally post in Sept. of 2006





~~ In October of 1992 I started working at Tyson Foods, Some months later Jim was approved for S. S. disability and the girls were going to this little country school down the road. Working at Tyson was hard! I worked at night and it was rough not seeing the girls like I was use to. Nikki was 8 and Kelly 6.

Things between Jim and I were different than they had ever been. It was like we lived 2 different lives. (Now remember this is the way I perceived things) We seemed to argue about everything. I felt like I was a robot going through the motions of a life. Jim would wake me up at noon every day and I'd eat and get ready to go back to work. At Tyson you work at least 6 days a week and that was if you were lucky!

Life went on like this until October of 1993. I found myself working even more and volunteering to work so I wouldn't have to be home. When I was there it was just constantly arguments between Jim and I. Then the rumors started at work that I was dating someone there. Anyone who works in a plant or workplace where men and women work together know how this starts. You smile at someone and it seems like your all the sudden fooling around, at least thats what they say.... Well supposedly someone called my house while I was at work and told Jim I was having an affair. It wasn't true!

After the phone call things really started going down hill. I had to leave work so much because I would be called home. It finally got to a point that I felt like me and the girls would be happier alone. They wouldn't be hearing their daddy and I fight all the time and be crabby alot. I told Jim I wanted a divorce. At that point in my life that was the hardest thing I ever did. Things had gotten so bad I didn't like him any more and I didn't want to hate him. I wanted to be able to get along even if it was only for the girls sake.

Jim moved back to Reno and the girls and I started a different way of living.We had our own home next door to my mom and dad but they were at my mamas alot because of the hours I worked. We went on like this for several years. Eventually Jim moved back to Arkansas and got remarried. The girls liked his wife and I was grateful for that because I'd hate to think they would go over there and hate being there.

I'm not even sure what year I'm at here but I think it's around 1996, Jim and I have been divorced 2 years, He's remarried and the girls have adjusted well to our split.

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I'm still here!

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I'm enjoying reading your story!