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Nikki's 1st Easter in 1984

Jim and I had a small wedding in my front yard. My Aunt Margaret made our cake and it was so pretty….til we put it outside in August. It was white with yellow and blue frosting which melted and turned into green tie dye like lines, actually it was still pretty. I moved in with Jim in his apartment and we started playing house. Did a pretty good job at it too.
Within a few months we moved in with my mom and dad, I was pregnant and Jim just started working for the Department of Corrections. We were able to get our own place again before the baby was born. My Dr. said the baby would be here around August 4th , my birthday, I was so excited! In February I got sick and was in the worst pain in my life. I went to the hospital and the Dr. said I needed an emergency appendectomy. Here I am 4 months pregnant, my husband at work, my mama having to sign forms that they could do the surgery and I wasn’t really even very scared cause I was in so much pain. I was just scared I was gonna lose the baby. When I woke up from surgery first thing I did was ask Jim about the baby, he said the baby was fine! This is also when I found out I was allergic to ivory soap….99.9% pure and I’m allergic to it!
I remember on July 1st Jim, my brothers and I were playing around in the water and having bottle rocket fights. When we went home that night I started having pains and realized Man this is really happening! We went to a payphone and called my Dr. and he said “Go to the hospital and I’ll meet you there.” I never did see him until 2 days later.
I gave birth to a 5lb. 81/2 oz. baby girl! She was beautiful, she had dark hair and looked like she had spent 9 months in a tanning bed cause she had the prettiest skin. (She’s still beautiful and has the same pretty skin color!) Jim was in there with me when she was born. She was due August but I guess decided to come on out and join the fun!
We named her Vanessa Nicole AKA Nikki and she was one little spoiled girl! She was the first grandchild on both sides so she got a lot of attention. We called her Monkey for a long time then it changed to “The Kid”. Nikki was a really good baby, even potty trained herself! She loved Madonna and Prince, she would sing “Like a virgin” every time it came on the radio. Somehow she knew when it was 2pm and would come running in the room yelling “Luke and Laura mommy!” (General Hospital) Two years old and I had my kid watching soaps! Normally she would only watch commercials and play during the movies. Now days she flips thru commercials so fast it makes my head spin!
This is ending in 1985, We had a healthy beautiful baby girl, Jim had a good job and we were a happy family.
Stay tuned in for the next chapter “Hold On! Here Comes Kelly!”
nikki & daisy
All grown up and still pretty as ever!


Sapphire said...

wow! I have to make myself remember while I'm reading the story that you were only 16. You had an appendectomy while you were pregnant (scary!) and you were only 16....even scarier!
You moved into Jim's apartment after you guys got married. What happened to the girl that he was originally living with? And, I don't think you ever mentioned how old Jim was.
Great story!!!

Sapphire said...

Oh, and beautiful baby girl!!!!

Lisa said...

I don't know where that girl is...I think her name is Paula something. I need to ask him what it is and look her up. :l
Jim is 4 years older than me.

Anonymous said...

That must have been scary.

I can't imagine being pregnant for the first time and having surgery.

She is beautiful.

Patti said...

Happy Mother's Day