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*originally posted 09-19-2006* Read PART 1 and PART 2

~~1985, We moved so much that year, Back and forth between Rison, Pine Bluff and Sheridan. This is the year we decided to have another baby. We didn’t care what we had but we knew it was gonna be named Kelly either way. I still have the notebook(found it the other day) where Jim and I laid in bed and was trying to figure out names . You can see in the notebook where we decided on Kelly Lee-Ann but wasn’t sure on the spelling.
I remember the day of February 22, 1986, Jim, Nikki and I went to Nan’s and visited. I think Nikki went to sleep or something and Jim and I went riding around on the tractor. Oh what fun you have in Rison!! Well that ride must have upset the baby because she decided to come into the world that night, about 2 weeks early. I was glad! That child stayed on my rib for months!! This delivery was so different than the first. I got so paranoid with the epidural and just knew the hospital was gonna catch fire. I figured since I was dead from the waist down I’d be left in there! Funny how medication can affect you in different ways.
Jim was in the room when she was born also, Everyone said he came out and said “I got a white one this time!” Kelly was a little over 7 lbs. with light skin and blonde hair. She was also most beautiful! I always wanted two kids and now I had them. Kelly was not only different in skin and hair coloring than Nikki but they were totally different in every way.
It’s hard to think of memories of Kelly by herself because she always had Nikki. I do know she was always one up on Nikki, Kelly had her bluff in at an early age. She’s a very strong willed person even to this day. I don’t know if I’ve ever told her but I admire her for that. She can also be very passionate and loving.
I remember when she was around 2 she was eating a cookie and got choked, I was at work, Jim shook her til her color came back and the cookie flew across the floor. He then called Nan to come get her cause it scared him so bad. I had to go get her after I got home. She had long blonde hair on the sides and the back of her head and bald on top. LOL She looked like a little old man, bald mouth and head!!
Well were up to around late 1987, We were living in Rison and thinking about moving to Reno…
Stay tuned for ~A whole new way of living ~

Well were up to around late 1987, We were living in Rison and thinking about moving to Reno
Stay tuned for ~A whole new way of living ~


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