Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ten thought Tuesday featuring cousins

Photobucket1.Drex and Chevy are the first set of 2nd cousins in our immediate family.

2. Drex isn't real fond of Chevy right now but I'm betting they will be partners in crime before too long.
Photobucket3. Christmas this year is exciting with 2 new babies in the family...next year will be FUN!

4. I have over 100 cousins. true story

5. When my grampa passed in 2002 there was 109 of us if I'm remembering right.

6. We have had quite a few born since then. I'm from a big  HUGE family.

7. All of the 100+ cousins come from 6 kids that are my aunts,uncle and mom.

8. They include 1st,2nds,3rds a few 4ths and steps.

9. I have personally met most all of them.

10. Playing with Chevy and Drex today has inspired this TTT on cousins.... Chevy was born Oct 5 and Drex July 12...yep I'm betting partners in crime!


Oka said...

They will get along just fine when they are both mobile. It just make since to them right now.

I have no clue how many cousins I do/don't have. I don't get stuck on that though. I am working more on the kids and their cousins :D

Stasha said...

They are adorable! I bet they will be inseparable when they get older!

My family is originally from Tennessee... Mom's side had 8 kids and my dad's side had 16 (8 came from a different marriage!) Let's just say with ALL that family, 1st, 2nd and I'm sure 3rd cousins, I considered myself related to the whole freaking state! LOL

Kmama said...

Wow that is a big family! My husband has a large family (on his mom's side). We have that family gathering this weekend (ugh).

DCHY said...

100+ cousins?!? I have only 2! Wow

Rhonda said...

ROFL @ partners in crime! Oh how I love big families!