Thursday, September 9, 2010

I finally got my hair cut!

I actually would like to go shorter on top...what do you think?
I have 2 people who normally cut my hair and both were unavailable so I went to someone I haven't used in years. I like it and it feels much better than it did. I'm thinking of going back to my natural color by slowly getting the blonde cut out. I say I'm thinking because I've said that many times before and that lil bottle of color haunts me when I go to long.
So honest opinion please-
Should I go shorter?
Put more blonde or let the natural color come out?
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Oka said...

Love it. I want to go shorter, but have no clue what would look good.

Tammy said...

It's adorable...I wouldn't go shorter but since I am not seeing it in person it might need to go a little shorter. I guess go with what you feel like.

I have a hair color on the 4th of Oct. I am thinking about having her color mine back to it's normal color with subtle highlights...not so much blonde here too! :)

Chica Loca said...

I think it looks great as is, Lisa! But if YOU feel the need to go shorter, then do it.

Your hair color is great. It's one of those things that you can almost change at will...not like a try and if you don't like it, go back to this color.

Personally, I like the color that we were born with, but when you get to be my age and gray is your 'natural' color, crack open that bottle of hair coloring NOW! LOL!

Kmama said...

I really like it!! Shorter would work's more about what your preference is! So cute.

Rhonda said...

I like the length that it is now and I love the blonde look on you. I think that you wear it very well.

gayle said...

I love it and I would not go shorter!!

Anonymous said...

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carma said...

I'm all for natural color - a lot less maintenance!! Looks like a nice easy breezy cut to maintain...lookin' good. If you are like me, if you cut it shorter you'll soon be growing it out. It's a vicious cycle for me, but it would still suit your face, so whatever floats your boat.